About RadioInsight

RadioInsight.com is dedicated to providing radio industry news and information with intelligent discourse. The people behind RadioInsight has been involved in the radio community for over 15 years.


Lance Venta established The Mid-Atlantic Radio Page in 1996, which quickly developed a large following in the early days of the web. The following year, The Mid-Atlantic Radio Board was established as the first web-based regional radio discussion board. In 1998, Venta joined forces with Tanim Hussain and Douglas Fleming to start Radio-Info.com. While Lance and Tanim ran the day-to-day operations of the site, Doug stayed behind the scenes attempting to build a business plan for the site to become self-sufficient. Along with the dozens of volunteer moderators and Sam “Buca” Michaels as system administrator, Radio-Info quickly became the most widely visited radio industry website (according to Alexa.com).

Unfortunately in July 2005, Doug Fleming tragically died at age of 28. With that ownership of the Radio-Info domains were passed to his parents, although Venta and Michaels continued to operate the site until April 22, 2006, when the Flemings decided to take the site in a different direction.

RadioInsight was launched just one day later on April 23, 2006 to continue on the legacy that Venta, Hussain, Fleming, Michaels, the dozens of moderators, and thousands of posters had built over that previous decade while building a new one that could last for future decades.

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