More Fun Lying To Your Audience

KFMB CBS8 CBS 8 March Madness Banner

There are just a handful of sporting events that capture the casual observer like the NCAA Basketball Tournament. For a television station to preempt a portion of today's games, you would think that something important was taking place locally. Or in the case of KFMB-TV San Diego, they simply … [Read more...]

Coming Up Tomorrow Morning… Suicide

Its a little disheartening to see that some radio stations have decided to use their social media accounts to turn their reports on the suicide of singer Mindy McCready into a way to tease their morning … [Read more...]

How To Easily Dispose Of Your Audience In One Easy Step

Screenshot taken at 11:25pm eastern on 2/14/2013 showing lack of update to hours after end of 97.1 simulcast

Earlier today, Clear Channel broke its AM/FM simulcast in Tucson to launch "Wild Country 97.1". The News/Talk format remains on 790, yet as I write this ten hours after the format change the station is doing is hardest to keep the information about the change secret. There was no advanced notice … [Read more...]

And We Wonder Why People Look Down On Radio

The past few weeks have not been very kind to the job of radio air talent. On-air prank leads to suicide. Becomes huge story globally. Check. Trial involving two high profile hosts. Check. Host gets suspended for making fun of caller with mental illness. Check. And now today word comes out … [Read more...]

Do Social Media Likes Lead To Ratings: Part 1

Facebook Like Twitter Follow Radio Arbitron PPM NashFM Hot 96.9 Evolution 101.7

One week after the launch of Country "94.7 Nash-FM" New York the first thing we noticed were the amount of people that quickly began following the station on social media. Seven days into operation WNSH already has 8894 likes on Facebook and 2356 Twitter followers*. To put it into comparison, top … [Read more...]

What’s Next For NashFM

Cumulus Nash FM NashFM 92.9 WLXX Lexington 97.3 The Hawk KHKI Des Moines 97.9 KQFC Boise 99.5 WPCK 104.9 WPKR The Wolf Green Bay K104.5 WKAC Augusta

The more we learn about Cumulus' Country "NASH" initiative the more questions are coming through about what happens next. In an attempt to slow down the influx of messages to our inbox let's answer some of the most common questions we've been getting about Cumulus' launch of Nash-FM. What Is … [Read more...]

Our 2013 Radio Industry Trend Watch

RadioInsight Radio Insight 2013 Predictions Deregulation Los Angeles Podcasts Talk Talent

Now that the news cycle has slowed down we can finally look forward to our expectations of the stories we'll be seeing regularly during 2013. More Deregulation The FCC is currently deliberating on whether to lift the newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership rule. Such a move would count each type … [Read more...]

Looking Back At Our 2012 Predictions

As 2012 comes to a close lets look back at our predictions we had coming into this year. Nationalized Brands We haven't reached this point yet, but we continue to head on that path. The culmination would be the late-December launch of Clear Channel's EDM "Evolution 101.7" Boston. This marked the … [Read more...]

The Radio Industry Needs A Publicist

Morning show prank leads to suicide; massive layoffs at the largest group owner; listeners upset about pending format change. Just another week of headlines about radio from the non-industry press. Most of the headlines about the radio industry that make it to the mainstream press are usually … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas For The Radio Obsessive

James Van Osdol We Appreciate Your Enthusiasm Oral History Of Q101 WKQX Chicago Mancow

For the benefit of those looking for a gift for their fellow radio-geek or themselves, we'd like to point out two possible options. First up is James Van Osdol's "We Appreciate Your Enthusiasm: The Oral History Of Q101". The book is recap of the 19 year run of Chicago's WKQX as an Alternative … [Read more...]

How Many Strikes Before The Audience Bails For Good?

New Rock 101.9 WRXP Alternative Rock in New York 92.3 K-Rock WLIR WHTG

With CBS acquiring 101.9 WRXP to give Sports WFAN an FM home in New York, the area will once again find itself without an Alternative Rocker just three months after its return. The New York market has had a spotty history with Alternative as the format has bounced from station to station over the … [Read more...]

What Is The Best Length Of A Stunt?

Radio Format Change Stunt Stunting

While less and less stations have stunted in preparation of a format change in recent months, last week brought three examples of stations trying to generate attention on its way to debut a new format. Mainestream Media took possession of WBQW Kennebunkport ME on Thursday and began a Christmas … [Read more...]

Apple Patents System To Replace Live Radio Content

Apple Radio Broadcast Stream Insertion Patent

Apple has received a patent for a system that would enable a user to have content not of interest from a live broadcast or stream replaced with content stored on the device locally. Systems and methods are provided for seamlessly switching media playback between a media broadcast, such as a radio … [Read more...]

Will RadioBDC Change The Rules For Webcasters?

RadioBDC Boston Globe Henry Santoro Julie Kramer Adam 12 WFNX

When 101.7 WFNX Boston was sold in May to Clear Channel, the last company anybody would've expected to launch a replacement would be the Boston Globe and its parent New York Times Company. The Globe, via its website quickly pounced on many of the dismissed WFNX staffers and built a … [Read more...]