This Week In Insight 5/25

Running down this week's top stories and with some thoughts.She's Back Clear Channel's Hot AC "Mix 96.9" KMXP Phoenix is the defacto Alternative station in that market and the new Variety Hits "She 103.5" will fill that role in Miami along with a few others. Sister Classic Rock "Big 105.9" WBGG … [Read more...]

Quick Thoughts On Demise Of WABB

97.5 WABB Final Day Thoughts Mobile RadioInsight

Random thoughts listening to the final day of programming on WABB...While radio as a whole still has a long life ahead of it, the cutbacks and homogenization will make it much, much harder for any new station from having the emotional impact that a station like WABB has had on its audience. It … [Read more...]

Promote Your Way To Cougar Town

Cougar Town Radio Promotion Bill Lawrence Courteney Cox Marketing

Your station has no marketing budget. The company feels your show is below others in terms of priority. More than a common occurrence nowadays.After ABC kept Cougar Town off the fall and midseason schedules, Co-creator Bill Lawrence and staff took actions into their own hands. Lawrence has ran … [Read more...]

The Social Media Pursuit To Become A Power Pig: @HireMe933FLZ

Rayne Tim Rainey 93.3 933FLZ WFLZ Tampa HireMe933FLZ

With more competition for fewer jobs in the radio industry those on the search need to do more to get noticed.Rayne, former Program Director of "Radio Now 100.9" WNOU Indianapolis has taken that mantra and ran with it. He's chosen the job he wants and is making his intentions known to the … [Read more...]

SOPA Will Cut Deeper Than Piracy

I'll make this blunt, if SOPA/PIPA pass in their current form RadioInsight is dead.I'm not a pirate. But this bill is way too vague to prevent any site with any minor connection to big media to escape the crosshairs.The first domain registration I report on could be met with a takedown. … [Read more...]

Clear Channel States The Obvious

Clear Channel Sales Restructuring Layoffs

Earlier today, Clear Channel announced it was renaming its radio division as "Clear Channel Media & Entertainment". While not surprising to see the company branch out, it is that it took this long.At this point the radio stations are assets to promote Clear Channel's other ventures, whether it … [Read more...]

The Inevitable New York Sports Radio War

WFAN 660 WCBS 880 New York Yankees Mets MSG SNY YES Network ESPN Radio Mike Francesa Boomer Esiason

Even before Family Radio's application to convert 94.7 WFME to commercial status in preparation of a sale, it was looking more and more inevitable that CBS' 660 WFAN dominance in New York would soon be challenged.While ESPN has been known to be on the lookout for a more competitive signal for … [Read more...]

A Three Hour Stunt

Radio Stunt Format Change TV Theme Teaser

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a station stunt That started in Syracuse After Bob & Tom.I've always been under the impression that the purpose of stunting before a format change is to generate attention and outside publicity to boost interest in the coming formats … [Read more...]

Some Predictions For 2012

As we enter 2012, we're seeing commercial radio broadcasting fracture in opposite directions. The biggest groups are heading in one direction, while smaller groups and independent operators are heading in another. Many of the trends we will see develop or continue will all come from this … [Read more...]

Fool Me Again & Again

Twitter Death Hoax Bon Jovi Radio KIIS KIIS-FM

One of the running gags of the Twitter era is the celebrity death hoax.Its happened so much that any mention of a celebrity death online should wait for validation by a credible news source. To many radio is that credible news source. Today, a "news" source named DailyNewBlogInternational … [Read more...]

Follow Monday #1

Follow Monday #FM #FollowMonday Twitter Links

First in a series...A few weeks ago on Twitter, @HeAintReally suggested that the radio industry adopt Monday's for the day to spotlight others of note in the radio industry for its easily noticeable #FM hashtag. While this series will not be directly focused on Twitter, we think its a perfect … [Read more...]

Why Domain Registrations Matter

CBSWashington CBSWashingtonDC CBSDC News 99 99.1 WLZL WFSI WTOP

Rumors have been spreading for a few months that CBS was looking to purchase stations from Harold Camping's Family Radio.Hubbard Radio, owners of WTOP the station that will now be directly attacked by CBS' new News station on 99.1 made a much cheaper acquisition that will be just as effective … [Read more...]

How Radio Failed State College, PA

As I write this it is currently 12:30am in State College, PA. Joe Paterno was fired as head coach of Penn State University for his failure to act on the rape allegations brought against one of his former assistants by multiple young boys about 2 hours ago. Students have begun rioting at the … [Read more...]

Thoughts On Merlin Media’s FM News

Merlin Media has finally completed its process of launching its "FM News" brands in Chicago and New York. With that comes the point where we can now play armchair PD and begin to analyze the current product.The biggest key is that it doesn't sound like any other All-News programming block on any … [Read more...]

Clear Channel’s Gift To The Rest Of Radio

IHeartRadio International Canada Mexico Dubai Germany CHUM RTL

At first glance Clear Channel's announcement this morning of The IHeartRadio Music Festival looks like another in a long line of over-hyped national contests and events from Clear Channel.While the mega-concert taking place in Las Vegas on September 23 and 24 will generate much of the early … [Read more...]