FCC Applications 4/4

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit Applications

Following their acquisition of 102.9 WDRC-FM Hartford, Connoisseur Media has filed to adjust the patterns of it and adjacent channel sister 103.1 WBZO Bay Shore, NY. Both stations will retain their current tower heights and power; 19.5kW at 247 meters for WDRC-FM and 1.55kW at 141 meters for WBZO. … [Read more...]

FCC Applications 3/26

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit Applications

Most of the applications of note this week were in regards to translators seeking upgrades.Apex Broadcasting is seeking an upgrade of Variety Hits "SC 103.1" WVSC Parris Island, SC from a Class C3 with 11kW at 114.9 meters to a C2 with 50kW at 150 meters. The application also requests the city … [Read more...]

FCC Applications 3/20: NYC FM On The Move

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit Applications

A small Class D FM in New York City is seeking a new dial position.City College of New York's 90.3 WHCR-FM New York is seeking to relocate to 91.9 in an attempt to find a signal with less interference. With its entire 60dBu coverage area within the 40dBu of WHPC Garden City, WHCR-FM has trouble … [Read more...]

FCC Applications 3/13

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit Applications

A pair of stations in Northeast Idaho will be relocating to new locations. Frandsen Media's 96.5 KAZZ Sugar City, ID will shift to 99.9 operating with 770 watts at 532 meters. Tri-State Media's 100.1 KITT Soda Springs, ID will move to 100.3 in Wilson, WY with an increase from a Class A to Class C2 … [Read more...]

FCC Applications 3/5

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit Applications

Following the grant of a CP to relocate into Des Moines, Saga Communications has acquired 93.9 K230AT Winterset, IA from First Ventures Capital Partners for $87,500. The translator will operate with 250 watts at 107.3 meters once it builds its new facility. It is currently licensed to rebroadcast … [Read more...]

FCC Applications 2/12

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit Applications

Telesouth Communications has applied to boost its 103.1 WOSM Ocean Springs/Biloxi, MS from a Class C2 with 50kW at 140 meters to a C1 with 100kW at 180 meters. The increased coverage area would add Mobile, AL to the station's 60dBu coverage area.Pittsburgh Public Media has requested an increase … [Read more...]

FCC Applications 1/24

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit Applications

With Martin Luther King Day and the snowstorm on the east coast shutting down government offices for a couple days it was a little slower on the application front than usual.The continued attempt to get 107.7 on the air in the Omaha market takes another turn. With the FAA continually blocking … [Read more...]

FCC Applications 11/25

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit Applications

Communications attorney John Garziglia has applied to increase his CP for 97.7 W249CO Reston, VA from 73 to 250 watts. Serving Washington DC's western suburbs, the translator is licensed to rebroadcast American University's 88.5 WAMU.With 100.3 WLML Lake Park/West Palm Beach close to launching, … [Read more...]

FCC To Auction 22 New AM Signals

FCC LPFM Applications List

On May 6, 2014 the FCC will hold a closed auction of twenty two new AM licenses.The auction will resolve mutual exclusive applications dating back to a 2003 filing window. Bidding will be limited to the groups who have already applied for the licenses. There are a total of 57 applications that … [Read more...]

New York and Los Angeles Translators Granted

Bridgelight The Bridge 95.1 New York 99.7 WJUX 89.7 WRDR Q104.7 KCAQ Oxnard 98.3 Culver City Los Angeles

As the FCC continues grants of applications from the 2003 translator filing window, portions of New York City and Los Angeles will reap the benefits of a new signal.Bridgelight, LLC has been granted 95.1 W236CH Fort Greene, which will operate with 10 watts vertical at 277.3 meters from 4 Times … [Read more...]

FCC Applications 11/12: Dozens Of New Translators Granted

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit Applications

Dozens of more new translator CP's have been granted since our last report.Clear Channel was one of the biggest beneficiaries as it gained eight new translators:94.1 W231CM Southampton, NY - 250 watts - // 97.5 WALK-FM Patchouge 94.9 W235BY Vineland, NJ - 100 watts - // 94.7 WDSD Dover, … [Read more...]

FCC Applications 10/29

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit Applications

As the FCC gets back to normal operations following the shutdown, the agency is working quickly to get through the remaining 2003 translator applications. A number of translators have been granted over the past week.Among the new translator CP granted are:Hope Christian Church of Marlton, NJ … [Read more...]

FCC Applications 10/23: COL Change In Washington

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit Applications

With the FCC back in business we are able to resume our irregular roundup of applications from around the industry.CBS has applied to change the city of license of its "El Zol 107.9" WLZL Annapolis, MD to College Park. No facility change is connected to the application, but there could be … [Read more...]

FCC Applications 9/25

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit Applications

New Wavo Communications has applied to increase "K-Star Country" 99.7 KVST Willis, TX from a Class A operating with 2.9kW at 147 meters to a C2 with 11kW at 147 meters. The upgraded signal would increase the station's signal in the northern suburbs of Houston including Conroe and The Woodlands.A … [Read more...]

FCC Selects 104 Non Mutually Exclusive Translator Apps

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit Applications

As the FCC continues to clear out the backlog of translator applications from 2003 in preparation of the upcoming LPFM filing window, 104 applicants that were not mutually exclusive to other applications have been given the go ahead to proceed to the next step.These applications now have until … [Read more...]