1540 WDCD Albany Goes Dark

1540 WDCD Albany Crawford DJRA 96.7 LifeA few months after shifting its Christian preaching programming to sister 96.7, 1540 WDCD Albany, NY has filed an STA to go dark due to lack of programming.

DJRA Broadcasting’s applications states that “WDCD will suspend operations for a period during which it will develop and prepare to deploy a new program format and reposition its voice and identity in the community”.

WDCD is licensed to operate with 50kW full time, albeit with a directional signal.


  1. Marc DeLorenzo says

    Despite the fact that WDCD’s predecessor, WPTR-1540 Albany, is one of the stations I grew up with listening to the Beatles & Rolling Stones, I would be VERY HAPPY if WDCD would go dark permanently. All they do now is clutter up a perfectly good frequency.

  2. Towerclimber31 says

    This is probably the beginning for a lot of AM’s in the next 5 years going dark. They are unprofitable and in most cases, no one other than us radio geeks listen to them.

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