Not Quite The King Of New Media: Howard Stern Versus Podcasters

Over the past few weeks Howard Stern has taken a few potshots at podcasters and especially comedians who would rather podcast than in his words “become professional broadcasters”. In the second clip, Stern states that in order to gain a following, “You gotta go on terrestrial radio and wait until the ratings book to come out to find out if you’re any good.” Is this 1985? or even 2005? Howard thinks that you can only be a comedian or a broadcaster. What Stern fails to grasp is that many of these comedians are not looking to become full-time broadcasters even if the opportunity arose. While some like Chris Hardwick, Marc Maron, and Scott Aukerman have used their podcasts for increased television opportunities and conve...[Read More]

A Simulcast No Longer

Article appears courtesy of Complete Station Branding on Barter. When you log-in everything is branded with your VO, ready to go. Streaming of broadcast radio is not growing. Why would it? Online simulcasts of broadcast radio are twenty years old now. Because of various royalty issues, they haven’t been consistently available over that time, but most major stations have been simulcasting their on-air product for five to ten years at least. Streaming of broadcast radio is still, generously, a mediocre experience after a decade. Some stations have escaped the morass of downer PSAs. Some stations have swapped in fill songs for spots. Many, however, have replaced the PSA that plays three times in seven minutes with the O’Riley Auto Parts ad that plays three times in seven minutes. Ad...[Read More]

It Starts At The Top

In a Fort Worth Star-Telegram column today discussing Public News/Talk 90.1 KERA-FM outrating all four Conservative Talk stations in the Dallas market combined, Salem Media VP/News & Talk Programming Tom Tradup made the following statement: “NPR remains essentially the media of choice for guys in beaded car seats driving cabs at DFW airport,” Tradup wrote in a scathing email that could have come from a host. “You could stop the next 5,000 people on the street … virtually 100 percent of them would say they regularly listen to Rush Limbaugh. If you asked who Diane Rehm is, the response in most cases would be crickets.” Comparing KERA’s rating to WBAP’s or KSKY’s is pointless, Tradup said. He called commercial talk radio “vibrant and impactful” even if it doesn’t “give folks a lavender t...[Read More]

The Battle Lines For Phone Space

FM tuner or streaming? The radio industry had taken a united front when it comes trying to get the FM chip and Emmis’ Nextradio App into all smartphones, but are there chips forming in that armor? NAB President Gordon Smith sent a letter to members asking them to air free spots for the app starting on February 23rd as Nextradio begins a new campaign to get more carriers to activate the FM receiver in their phones either by their own fruition or government intervention. The campaign spotlights the site that is run in partnership by the NAB, NPR, American Public Media, EMF Broadcasting, and Nextradio. With the industry previously taking the united front to promote Nextradio, it was quite a shock to see the big banner at the top of this morning. To...[Read More]

The Kings Of New Media

While much attention has been placed on Apple’s hiring of BBC Radio 1 presenter Zane Lowe for an undisclosed role with whatever the future integration of iTunes Radio and Beats Music, another hiring this week shows the maturation of internet delivery as a legitimate competitor to traditional radio. Chris Bannon, Vice President of Content Development & Production at New York Public Radio and the longtime Program Director of their 820/93.9 WNYC New York exited to join Midroll Media as Chief Content Officer. Bannon will oversee the launch of a New York studio and office for Midroll, which operates the Earwolf and Wolfpop podcast networks and a sales service that represents many top shows. While many on the traditional broadcast side were slow to accepting podcasting, public radio h...[Read More]

Come Back When You Grow Up: Teens & CHR

Article appears courtesy of Complete Station Branding on Barter. When you log-in everything is branded with your VO, ready to go. It was a finding in sync with many broadcasters’ experience in their own families. Recently, my employer Edison Research reported that teens were spending less time with broadcast radio (on any platform) than with pureplays such as Spotify and Pandora. Shortly thereafter, my Edison colleague Larry Rosin pointed out, correctly, that “virtually no radio stations perform formal research for music among teens nor target teens directly in their marketing or strategy.” The youngest, most aggressive CHR I ever worked with as a researcher began to include listeners at age 15, and they were the exception. Top 40 has long been conflicted about teens. It wasn’t t...[Read More]

The Power Of SEO

I owe iHeartMedia some gratitude for the increased traffic and revenue RadioInsight has received since Friday’s format change of 92.3 KHHT Los Angeles to Urban “Real 92.3“. While any major market format change will bring a traffic boost to the site, thanks to some strange web strategy at iHeart we’ve seen an over 300% increase over the weekend. Normally when iHeart launches a new format the old site is repurposed with the new domain and content. That wasn’t the case with KHHT on Friday. was swiftly pulled and now redirects to the iHeartRadio home page, while points to the station’s streaming page on iHeart. This leaves the new station without its own online presence and as such a Google search for “Real 92.3” brings u...[Read More]

It’s Okay To Steal Online Content?

By Matt Haze I’ve been meaning to write this for awhile.  And finally, I’m going to say it. IT IS NOT OKAY FOR YOU TO RIP SOMEONE ELSE’S VIDEO AND UPLOAD IT AS YOUR OWN. PERIOD. Video copyright infringement has been running rampant on Facebook for awhile now.  But over the last few months, I’ve noticed RADIO has gotten into the game.  Which is funny, because I thought it was all about the music and nothing but the music with PPM?  Hmmmmm. The main culprit is someone finding a “viral” video on a Facebook page or YouTube video, using software available online to download it, and then uploading it to their own page without giving any sort of credit, acting as if it’s their own. Why?  Because “viral” is the hot term and some consultant said...[Read More]

All Talk No Action

Has the radio industry already given up on its goals to bring down the demographics on Talk radio? Consider these recent moves. On Monday, iHeartMedia’s WOR New York filled its eleven month old opening in mornings with 67 year-old retired sportscaster Len Berman and syndicated Conservative Talker Todd Schnitt. The 47 year-old Schnitt with his over two decades leading a successful morning show is second billed to Berman as the station looks for a hook to retain New York Mets listeners the following morning. I’m not going to critique a show before it debuts, but WOR will have to balance a fine line between the syndicated Conservative host Todd Schnitt persona and the CHR morning host MJ Kelli persona of Schnitt’s, while ensuring that Berman doesn’t sound as old on air...[Read More]

Intriguing Stations of 2014

Article appears courtesy of Complete Station Branding on Barter. When you log-in everything is branded with your VO, ready to go. Part I: In The Lab (With A Pen And A Pad) Last years, broadcasters took tentative but significant steps toward doing what they must to stay competitive in 2015: addressing the spotload issue on FM music outlets; adding new online radio stations that had the spotload that listeners were coming to expect for “continuous music”; creating new content for the broader world of “audio” that didn’t rely on an antenna and transmitter. By contrast, broadcasters threw themselves with enthusiasm to the world of low-powered FM translators. Translators allowed broadcasters some low-risk innovation, but even more low-risk spoilers. At least two major groups launched ...[Read More]

Top 10 Format Changes Of 2014

For our review of 2014 we decided to focus on what we know best. Let’s look back at the ten most influential format changes and rebrandings of 2014. 10 106.9 WCCC Hartford hasn’t been a powerhouse in quite some time. But it was one of the few remaining relics to a previous era. The longtime Rocker and its AM sister operated up against three big clusters, but couldn’t keep up in the end. It was quite appropriate in a way for its end to come with a sale to Educational Media Foundation and flip on August 1 to the Christian AC “K-Love” network. The first station to give Howard Stern a job in mornings back in 1979, was now at the opposite end of the programming spectrum. With no terrestrial signal to fill the void, a few former WCCC staffers launched a webcaster to...[Read More]

Songs That Made a Difference In 2014

Article appears courtesy of Complete Station Branding on Barter. When you log-in everything is branded with your VO, ready to go. It has been a long time since Mainstream Top 40 sounded as homogenous as it did in 2014. There was one dense, mid-tempo groove that was present at the beginning of the year (Ellie Goulding’s “Burn”) and at the end (Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”). In between, there was “Dark Horse,” “Team,” “Talk Dirty,” “Turn Down for What,” “Fancy,” “Bang Bang,” “Chandelier,” “Boom Clap,” “Black Widow,” “Habits (Stay High),” and Maroon 5’s “Animals.” Not all those records were exactly the same – some had noisy builds-and-drops, some just loped along for a few minutes. I liked some (“Boom Clap,” “Habits”) a lot more than others (“Black Widow,” “Chandelier”). They could ...[Read More]