The Other Side Of Moving Brands From AM To FM

Last night I came across a Twitter discussion that shows some of the difficulties faced by AM brands that have made the move to FM over the past few years. Am I weird that I like the way the game sounds on AM better? — (@metspolice) April 30, 2013 The topic was in regards to New York Mets radio broadcasts which are in their first season being available on FM since the 1970’s in addition to their longtime home on 660 WFAN. Since the launch of the FM simulcast in November, WFAN has been attempting to move its audience to the new signal. Currently the station is running an “FM Means Free Money” contest. The responses to the original Twitter shared similar sentiments. @pedrobeatofc @metspolice Much warmer sound on AM. Sports on FM sounds like college radi...Read More

When Is A Word Considered Profane?

In the wake of David Ortiz’ speech at Saturday’s Boston Red Sox game saluting the law enforcement officials work arresting the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombing a debate has opened up on whether FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski overstepped his boundaries addressing the language used by Ortiz as it was broadcast on NESN, Fox Sports Kansas City, and MLB Network (It was censored on ESPN’s live broadcast). What many have forgotten is that the FCC has no oversight over cable programming. While there is potential for setting up a bad precedent in the Chairman of the FCC giving a free pass to Ortiz’ comments, it doesn’t matter if they only went out to those watching on cable television. It wasn’t even the only incident to happen on cable this weekend. In a...Read More

What Happened To The Local Forum?

When we first scanned the Boston dial in the aftermath of the Marathon Bombing on Monday, the coverage was mainly all or nothing. There were the stations with 24/7 News coverage or the stations with the occasional insert every few songs. Today’s coverage has been a little more nuanced. We still have WBUR and the CBS owned stations all rebroadcasting 1030 WBZ. Greater Media’s 96.9 WBQT and 102.5 WKLB along with Clear Channel’s 94.5 WJMN and 107.9 WXKS-FM have all spent time today rebroadcasting Hearst’s WCVB-TV. Many other stations stuck with their normal music programming with little or no coverage of the shutdown of basically the entire city of Boston. However, Entercom’s trio of Sports 93.7 WEEI, Rock 107.3/97.7 WAAF, and Talk 680 WRKO offered an alternative...Read More

The One With The False Rumor

One of the big rumors going around the internet this week was about NBC setting up a reunion special of Friends to air on Thanksgiving 2014, which has since been debunked. According to an April 8 report on, the rumor started from an unattributed image posted on the Facebook page of KHTT Tulsa’s “Morning After Show“. Posted on a Sunday afternoon with no background information or a followup, the “K-Hits” rumor quickly went viral online. But at what cost? While the post brought attention to the morning show are people in Alabama or New York really going to be converted into listeners because of a fake rumor? Or will some listeners not believe the show when they break an actual story for previously crying wolf? It seems like the goal of many radio sta...Read More

Timeline: NAB Panel On Future Of AM

Day one of the 2013 NAB Convention kicked off with a panel led by FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai to discuss the issues facing the AM band to remain relevant. Among the ideas discussed include going all-digital, power increases, or additional use of FM translators. And now the FCC tells us how to save AM radio. #NABShow #NAB2013 — NorthEastRadio Watch (@NERadioWatch) April 8, 2013 @AjitPaiFCC moderating #NABShow "Revitalizing AM" session: “When you talk about AM #radio, you evoke a lot of memories.” — Holland Cooke (@HollandCooke) April 8, 2013 @AjitPaiFCC in #NABShow "Revitalizing AM" session: "AM radio still matters," though only 17% of Time Spent Listening is now on AM — Holland Cooke (@HollandCooke) April 8, 2013 Commish Pai sees intereference ...Read More

How Not To Handle A Format Change

Among the many format changes that took place on Monday one has stuck out to as a template on how not to manage your audience before, during, and after the change. On Thursday, American General Media announced it would be moving Rhythmic CHR “Power 106.3” KAGM Albuquerque on Monday at 8:00am to the 106.7 frequency that was home to CHR “OMG Radio” KDLW, while being quiet about what was happening on the other side. The “Power” side of things was handled perfectly. The station hyped its move on-air all weekend. The station’s website and Facebook page were updated with the new logo and dial position on Thursday well in advance of the actual change. Their morning host Double J was very active in hyping the change and ensuring the audience knew what was ...Read More

More Fun Lying To Your Audience

There are just a handful of sporting events that capture the casual observer like the NCAA Basketball Tournament. For a television station to preempt a portion of today’s games, you would think that something important was taking place locally. Or in the case of KFMB-TV San Diego, they simply thought more viewers needed to see a pair of episodes of the education children’s series Liberty’s Kids rather than the first hour of the Michigan/Virginia Commonwealth game. Only one official statement was made regarding the programming decision as KFMB producer Louis Weiner insinuated to his followers that the FCC required the station to miss the start of the basketball game. What FCC mandate would that be exactly? Every tele...Read More

Coming Up Tomorrow Morning… Suicide

Its a little disheartening to see that some radio stations have decided to use their social media accounts to turn their reports on the suicide of singer Mindy McCready into a way to tease their morning shows. Several news sources are reporting that singer Mindy McCready has committed suicide. The Zoo will update you on this sad story tomorrow am. — The New 93Q (@TheNew93Q) February 18, 2013 #breakingnews Singer Mindy McCready has reportedly committed suicide. More details on tomorrow's Goober Club — Goober 95.1 (@Goober951) February 18, 2013 BREAKING NEWS: Mindy McCready has died of an apparent suicide. Details Monday morning with the Morning Showgram. RIP Mindy McCready… — Kixx 1005 (@kixx1005) February 18, 2013 Mindy McCready dead at age 37. More tomorrow mor...Read More

How To Easily Dispose Of Your Audience In One Easy Step

Earlier today, Clear Channel broke its AM/FM simulcast in Tucson to launch “Wild Country 97.1“. The News/Talk format remains on 790, yet as I write this ten hours after the format change the station is doing is hardest to keep the information about the change secret. There was no advanced notice of the change on-air which is par for the course these days. However, if you were to go to you won’t see any information in regards to the disappearance of 97.1 from the simulcast. In fact you’ll still see 97.1 included in the station logo as do the on-air promos still running on the station. The KNST Facebook page (and all of its Clear Channel Tucson sister stations) has a generic promo banner for the new format yet nothing explaining the changes to the existing li...Read More

And We Wonder Why People Look Down On Radio

The past few weeks have not been very kind to the job of radio air talent. On-air prank leads to suicide. Becomes huge story globally. Check. Trial involving two high profile hosts. Check. Host gets suspended for making fun of caller with mental illness. Check. And now today word comes out of a Program Director/Afternoon host fired in Springfield, MO for lying about serving in the military. When’s the last time there was a positive story about radio talent? We wonder why listeners are abandoning the medium for Pandora, podcasts, or whatever other alternative they’ve found. But it’s ok. The industry has found its salvation. They’re going to give Sprint millions of dollars in free advertising in exchange for activating a chip to put FM on cell phones. How about they f...Read More

Do Social Media Likes Lead To Ratings: Part 1

One week after the launch of Country “94.7 Nash-FM” New York the first thing we noticed were the amount of people that quickly began following the station on social media. Seven days into operation WNSH already has 8894 likes on Facebook and 2356 Twitter followers*. To put it into comparison, top rated AC “106.7 Lite-FM” WLTW has just 18,442 likes. The most liked New York radio station on Facebook belongs to “Hot 97” WQHT with 275,516. While we are unable to parse any demographic info from the amount of likes, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that a younger skewing station has 10 times as many followers as an office friendly background station. We’ve selected eight stations that launched new formats in PPM markets over the past month. Some ...Read More

What’s Next For NashFM

The more we learn about Cumulus’ Country “NASH” initiative the more questions are coming through about what happens next. In an attempt to slow down the influx of messages to our inbox let’s answer some of the most common questions we’ve been getting about Cumulus’ launch of Nash-FM. What Is Nash? At this point the only active property with the “Nash” branding is 94.7 in New York. The station is still licensed with the WRXP call letters, but Cumulus applied today to move the WNSH calls it parked in Minnesota to 94.7. The station is branding itself as “America’s Country Station” and “The World’s Biggest Country Station” to show that it will be prevalent in more places than just New York. What Will Nash Be? C...Read More