Looking At A Few Of This Week’s Changes

Some thoughts on a few of the format changes that took place this past week… KMTT To Rhythmic Hot AC The biggest and most surprising format change to take place over Labor Day Weekend was Entercom’s shift of “103.7 The Mountain” KMTT Seattle to Rhythmic Hot AC “Hot 103.7“. KMTT had struggled since the implementation of the PPM and jettisoned all its AAA currents/recurrents in 2011 for a full Classic Rock presentation in an attempt to streamline its brand. The new format has also had its issues in Seattle. 106.1 KBKS in the mid 90’s, “95.7 The Beat” KBTB in the early 2000’s, and “Movin 92.5” KQMV from 2006-2009 all attempted formats similar to what 103.7 is doing now and failed. The new format enters a Seattle market th...[Read More]

FM Chips Ahoy

Based on the amount of press releases that have been released today, you’d think some groundbreaking technological advancement had been made. Instead it was just an app that many in the radio industry are banking on as being necessary for their survival. While it is imperative that the radio industry does something, anything to remain relevant as we continue to move into a new digital era, lets put a few things in perspective. The new NextRadio app works on a pair of devices manufactured by HTC that operate the Android OS on the Sprint network. It’s a start, but since its announcement in January no other manufacturer or cellular network have come on-board. As of April 2013, Android had a 52% share of the United States mobile market already leaving 48% of possible users in the d...[Read More]

A Simple Idea To Pay Tribute To Kidd Kraddick

The outpouring of love from both in and outside of the radio community for Kidd Kraddick shows no sign of stopping. The man inspired the lives of many through his on-air but especially through his charitable works. If we in the radio community want to pay Kraddick back for how he’s influenced us, let’s setup a radiothon to ensure the long-term survival of his Kidd’s Kidst charity. Even if only Kraddick’s affiliates and some other Dallas stations participated there’s hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars able to be raised. With the close connections Kraddick’s program had with Clear Channel, Cumulus, and Entercom there are hundreds of possible stations with the infrastructure in place to make this a success. What better way to pay tribute to the ma...[Read More]

Looking At IHeartRadio Talk

Clear Channel today launched IHeartRadio Talk. The new addition to features on-demand listening of talk content from a variety of sources. In addition to content from Clear Channel’s stations and Premiere Radio Networks, IHeartRadio Talk features content from ABC, American Public Media, KCRW, Yahoo! Sports Radio, Envision Radio Networks, and multiple Podcasting networks such as Earwolf and Nerdist among the shows we’ve seen. The best comparison for the new feature would be, which allows users to stream podcasts on demand. The content is built around a feature called “Daily Pulse”, which Clear Channel describes in its press release as “a customizable Talk channel featuring the most up-to-date news and culture highlights, which allow...[Read More]

You Shouldn’t Bother Worrying About Digital

That’s what a prominent programming consultant is telling her readers at least. According to Jaye Albright, who has had an illustrious career in the radio industry lasting over 50 years, there’s no reason to worry about non AM/FM based programming because “no one’s listening.” Despite posting stats that state, “The average age of an Internet radio listener is 34 years old versus the average age of a broadcast radio listener which is 47 years old. Since the average income was found to be similar in both groups, the Internet radio audience is more affluent given their substantially younger age,” somehow that means nothing. After spinning some numbers that highlight how the percentage internet listeners in San Diego is minimal compared to AM/FM she co...[Read More]

Who Is The Enemy?

The following statement, which apparently originated on the Facebook page of Cumulus Atlanta OM Rob Roberts, has been shared by many in the radio industry since Apple’s announcement of “iTunes Radio” yesterday. Movie Theaters are going to kill radio. TV is going to kill radio. 8 track tapes are going to kill radio. Cassettes are going to kill radio. VCR’s are going to kill radio. Satellite radio is going to kill radio. Internet is going to kill radio. Smartphones are going to kill radio. Apple Radio is going to kill radio. Let me know when you see the trend. And the hits just keep on coming. Roberts has a point in that the radio industry has survived as newer technologies have come along. But what he fails to realize in the statement is that while radio survives, it...[Read More]

Apple’s Coming; But Likely Not iRadio

With Friday’s signing of Sony bringing all three major record labels under contract, all signs point to Apple launching their long expected streaming service on Monday at their Worldwide Developers Conference. While most reports have pegged the service as “iRadio“, it is doubtful that will be the name the service takes when it launches. On the technical side, Apple does not own the trademark or domains for iRadio. has been owned by Howard Freedman’s WebRadio Strategists since 1995. The trademark for the term is currently owned by Jacqueline Carter of Ventura, CA. Carter and fiancee Marc Angell are owners of the syndicated “Music Of Your Life” Adult Standards network and considered by some to be a trademark squatter. Music of Your Life is attem...[Read More]

Ten Commandments Of A Station Launch

In May, Richard Branson’s Virgin Group brought his “Virgin Radio” brand into its ninth nation with the launch of what they describe as an “American Top 40” format in Beirut, Lebanon. The new “89.5 Virgin Radio Lebanon” held a soft launch on May 1 and a full launch on May 15 complete with a launch party at a night club, regular contesting, and a full airstaff in place. broke down his discussion with station GM Najy Cherabieh into a list of the ten things that differentiate Virgin Radio Lebanon from their competitors and in doing so spotlights many ideas worthy of copying by stations new and old. Some of them are commonplace such as branding to emphasize you’ll always hear 10 songs in a row, so here’s the ones that stick out...[Read More]

Is Your Station’s Existence A State Secret?

Two weeks ago, on Friday, May 17, Univision relaunched 107.9 KESS Dallas as “Hot 107.9“. As we mentioned in the report when the change took place, the station’s Facebook banner included the URL At the time of the flip, the domain name was still available for registration but was quickly scooped up by a reader of our site unaffiliated with the station. Despite the fact that was registered by a Univision employee prior to the flip, and thirty additional domains were later registered by Univision corporate NOT a single one currently points to the website of the station which remains at Nowhere on the Facebook page, which was properly renamed as opposed to having a new one created is there another link to the main w...[Read More]

Holiday Weekend Listening Room

As a service to all of those who will be spending their Memorial Day Weekend in the car, lounging at the beach, or just relaxing at home we’ve compiled some podcasts worth checking out. Deb Slater and Larry Gifford have launched the “Radio Stuff” Podcast. Gifford, the former KIRO Seattle and ESPN Radio PD, and Slater spend the first episode discussing imaging and coverage of some current issues in the news. Margaret Larkin’s “Radio Girl Podcast” meanwhile is celebrating its 100th episode this week with an interview with Chicago legend John Records Landecker. Speaking of Chicago legends, Steve Dahl is offering a 30 day free trial subscription to his podcast network. The trial includes access to all of Dahl’s archives, as well as shows by Kevin Matth...[Read More]

No Longer Streaming Worldwide

Saga Communications has revealed plans to begin to limit many of their station webcasts to local markets. The company will join Mount Wilson Broadcasting’s “Go Country 105” KKGO Los Angeles which limits streaming listeners to those within California. Saga’s move, which comes after eliminating many of their streams in sub 100 markets last year, is purely economically driven. Their News/Talk stations and a few music stations will be exempt due to already having a broader audience or lack of music royalties. Saga’s Ed Christian told InsideRadio that they will save $70,000 a year on music royalties while also saving on bandwidth due to the lack of ad revenue to be made by out of market listeners. While its understandable from a financial side why Saga and Mount Wi...[Read More]

Don’t Forget The Little Things

A station’s online presence is the sum of many parts. It takes a good CMS, design, actual content, Facebook, Twitter, and plenty people to put it all together. For whatever reason there may be little things fall through the cracks. Here’s a pair of examples we’ve caught recently that are easily remedied: The preceding Facebook status appeared on the page for “Classic Rock 94.1” WSOS Jacksonville, FL. Regardless of how wrong the content was and its inability to create discussion on the page, why in the world was the status tagged as coming from Seattle? While many may not even notice, why create the impression your content is not local? All it takes is for the vacationing or outsourced person who published that to turn off their location in Facebook. One little...[Read More]