FCC Applications

FCC Report 6/25

Blue Sky Broadcasting AAA 95.3 KPND Deer Park/Spokane WA seeks to move to the tower of sister Country 102.3 KICR Coeur D'alene ID with 100kW/572m. Following its pending move from 97.3 to 96.5, 1TV.com applies to increase KIKO-FM Claypool AZ from a Class C2 to Class C with 34kW/966m. The move will extend the 60dBu contour of the station into the eastern suburbs of Phoenix. Alpha Media Urban AC "Magic 101.3" WMJM Jeffersontown/Louisville KY seeks to increase from 2kW/59m to 6kW/59m.

FCC Report 6/18: Atlanta Move-In Reinstated

Petitions For Reconsideration Decisions After their 2007 contingent applications to move Cox Media News/Talk 95.5 WSBB-FM Doraville GA to the tower site to the tower utilized by sister AC “B98.5” WSB-FM as well as three other Atlanta FM’s with 100kW/250m, and Williams Communications Country “Big 95” 95.5 WHMA-FM Hobson City/Anniston AL to move to 95.3 in Alexandria with a drop in power from 530 watts to 400 watts due to Williams' "failure to pay the delinquent debt", the FCC has reinstated the applications following Cox' payment of $47,750.88 to the Treasury Department to settle Williams' debt.

FCC Report 6/11

FM Changes University of Texas AAA 98.9 KUTX Leander applies to downgrade from a Class C2 to C3 while relocating to Austin's West Lake Hills tower farm with 1.59kW/390.3m. Northeast of Sacramento, Nevada County Broadcasting AC "Star 94" 94.1 KNCO-FM Grass Valley CA applies to move west an increase its coverage towards Yuba City with 2.35kW/161m. Ohana Media Group Classic Rock 102.3 KCRX seeks to drop power and increase antenna height from its current tower from 25kW/100m to 10.5kW/121.8m.

FCC Sets More Details For AM Translator Filing Period

The FCC has released the full rulemaking for the upcoming filing period for new FM translators to rebroadcast Class C & D AM stations that did not participate in the 250 mile waiver period. The filing window will only be open for one week; from July 26 through August 2. All mutually exclusive filings will be able to be rectified via settlement or amendment first before opening Auction 99 to resolve them through bidding. To prepare for the filing window no LPFM, translator, or FM booster minor change applications will be accepted from July 19 through August 2. The full rulemaking can be read here. Original Report 6/1: The FCC announced today that the first filing window for new translators attached to Class C & D AM stations that did not participate in the 250 mile waiver period w...Read More

FCC Report 6/4: Did Billings Translators Go Rogue?

Following an informal objection and request for enforcement by Connoisseur Media, Edgewater Broadcasting has withdrawn its Construction Permit and License to Cover applications for 96.3 K242CI Casper WY to relocate to 102.5 in Billings MT. Edgewater had applied for and was granted a CP to move K242CI to Billings rebroadcasting Sun Mountain Inc.'s 1340 KBSR Laurel MT where it was operating as AC "Magic 102.5". Connoisseur claims that K242CI and 104.5 K283CP (licensed to rebroadcast 1450 KYLW Lockwood MT) have been operating illegally. Amongst Connoisseur's claims were that K242CI began operating in late 2016 but did not file for a license to cover until March, neither originating AM have not operated for multiple years now and no tower constructed at the licensed site for either station,...Read More

Cochise Broadcasting To Surrender 10 Licenses As Part Of Consent Decree

Ted Tucker’s Cochise Broadcasting and Cochise Media Licenses has entered into a pair of Consent Decrees to settle multiple infractions and part. Many of Cochise’s licensed stations operate for a minimum of one day per year to keep the license active and were silent the rest of the time. Nine stations will be surrendered: 90.1 KDNM Reserve NM, 90.9 KSFQ Thatcher AZ, 95.5 KFMR Ballard UT, 97.1 KTWY Shoshoni WY, 100.9 KHSK Allen NE, 101.9 KZNM Milan NM, 102.9 KXWY Hudson WY, 106.5 KWWY Shoshoni WY, and 107.9 KZLM Lewistown MT. The rest of Cochise’s licenses must be returned to the air within 90 days and cannot be off the air for more than five days or 120 hours during the coming year. In a separate decree, Cochise also agrees to donate 101.3 KXMK Oatman/Kingman AZ and its eq...Read More

FCC Report 5/21: New Erie Allocation Dismissed

Rick Rambaldo's ERIE Radio Company winning application for a new FM on 100.9 in Westfield NY serving Erie PA has been dismissed as the company failed to make its down payment in time and has been denied a waiver.

FCC Proposes Eliminating Main Studio Rule

As part of its planned revamp of all media regulations, the FCC has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to eliminate the main studio rule. The rulemaking would end to requirement for every broadcast station to have a main studio in or near its city of license and the requirement that it be staffed during normal business hours and be able to originate programming. The FCC has granted many non-commercial networks such as Educational Media Foundation waivers against the main studio rule, allowing the company to operate all of its stations basically as just a box in a rack room with all programming coming from their handful of studios. In theory should the rulemaking be approved, commercial operators can now do the same, eliminating all local offices and have all of their programming coming...Read More

FCC Report 5/14

Deletions Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting's 105.1 KAWK Custer SD made news a few years ago when the station went silent due to lack of staffing. That ended up being a minor incident compared to what the FCC determined in deciding to cancel the station's license this week. After issuing a letter of inquiry to the station last fall, the agency determined the station's license expired on October 22, 2009 and deleted the allocation. KAWK had originally applied for a Silent STA in May 2002 stating it was forced to vacate its transmitter site. After being granted an STA the following year to operate with temporary facilities (to this day a new site application was never filed), the station went silent and resumed operations nine times before claiming in September 2009 that it was resuming operatio...Read More

FCC Report 5/7: Big Downgrade For Bismarck AM

AM Changes iHeartMedia Sports "Fox Sports 710" KXMR Bismarck ND currently utilizes seven towers split between two sites. It is seeking to consolidate all operations on what is currently its four tower nighttime array, but in doing so will downgrade its daytime power from 50kW to 4kW, while retaining its current 4kW night operation. The current 3 towers right off of Interstate 94 in Menoken which is home to KXMR's 50kW day and 13kW critical hours operation will be removed. [nbox type="warning" align= "center"]Visit the stations and studios of Williamsport PA on this weeks Tower Site of the Week[/nbox]

First New AM Translator Filing Window To Open This Summer

At this morning’s keynote address at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced that the first new filing window for new FM translators for AM stations will be this summer. The window will be for Class C & D AMs that did not acquire a translator for a station in the two 250 mile move filing windows that took place in 2016. A second window for Class A & B AMs will follow at a later date. Should multiple stations file for the same frequency in a market and not resolve the mutually exclusive conflict, they will bid against one another in an auction. Pai states that the IT work necessary to handle the new filing windows are being done now at the FCC. Also in his keynote, Pai announced plans to propose a comprehensive review of all FCC m...Read More

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