Soft Rock 103.9 Fort Wayne To Rebrand As Sunny-FM

Soft Rock 103.9 SunnyFM Sunny-FM WWFW Fort WayneAdams Radio Group AC “Soft Rock 103.9” WWFW Fort Wayne IN will rebrand as “103.9 Sunny-FM” on Monday, December 26.

The station has been branding itself as “Christmas 103.9” since it began its annual shift to holiday music to start phasing out the old brand. The station’s lineup will remain intact with the new name.

INSTANT INSIGHT: While WWFW launched in 2014, the now former branding was stuck in 1986. Most AC stations have not been Soft nor Rock based since the days when Phil Collins, Billy Joel and Bread were core artists. A station’s brand needs to describe what a station is, “Soft Rock” or its close cousin “Lite Rock” does not do that anymore.

Adult Contemporary radio station WWFW (103.9 FM) has announced a new name for the station, starting December 26th. The station will be known as “103.9 SUNNY FM.” Previously, the station was known as “Soft Rock 103.9.”

“We are simply changing our brand name to better match the playlist of the station”, says 103.9 SUNNY FM Director of Programming, Rob Mackenzie. “We will continue to play an upbeat variety of songs from the 80’s til Now, just with a fresh name for 2017!”??

“103.9 will continue to be involved with the Fort Wayne community and with our advertisers. Our personalities are excited to continue the partnerships we’ve created over the last several years, particularly around the Holiday’s. This is a great opportunity for us to re-brand this solid station”, states Chris Monk, Market Manager for 103.9 SUNNY FM.

??Mackenzie says no changes in on-air personalities are planned, nor is a music adjustment. Popular features like the All 80’s Lunch and All 80’s Weekend will be retained as well. “As we surveyed radio listeners, and specifically, pop music listeners in Fort Wayne, we know that they enjoy our music and radio station, but they didn’t necessarily see our previous name as a ‘fit’ for that music.”??

Core artists of 103.9 SUNNY FM include: Katy Perry, Bon Jovi, Matchbox 20, Adele, Michael Jackson, Maroon 5, Alanis Morissette, Justin Timberlake, Pink, Journey, Kelly Clarkson??.

Currently, 103.9 is “Fort Wayne’s Christmas Music Station”, and known as “Christmas 103.9” for the holiday season. Mackenzie says the station will continue that tradition next year of playing all Christmas music.

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