Is Expanding Beyond Entercom Stations? EntercomAre two other large market operators about to bring their stations to Entercom’s platform and app?

A viewing of the station listings on the iOS app has empty placeholders for markets where Cox Media Group operates beyond the markets it competes with Entercom. Those include: Athens, Dayton, Jacksonville, Long Island, San Antonio, Tampa and Tulsa.

One additional US market listed is Salt Lake City. Of the six markets that Bonneville operates in, that is the only one where it does not compete against Entercom. A Salt Lake City only operator such as Broadway Media could also be a possibility there. A blank tab for International stations has also been added.

Cox Media Group stations are currently available on the iHeartRadio and TuneIn apps. Bonneville’s are only on TuneIn.

  1. kent says

    Checking the app as I get ready for bed, the Cox markets are gone. Salt Lake City and International remain, and replacing the Cox markets are Reno, Raleigh, and Savannah.

  2. kent says

    Grand Rapids is also on the list, and “Raleigh” is spelled incorrectly.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Just like when a company’s first domain registration gets snuffed out and they try to come up with some decoys after the fact. Someone internally screwed up making those markets listed public and is trying to cover it up. Poorly.

      1. kent says

        It’s either that, or is adding more than just two operators. Whatever the case, something definitely seems up.

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