WPLJ Announces Sign-Off Date

95.5 PLJ WPLJ New York Melony Torres Ralphie AversaCumulus Media Hot AC 95.5 WPLJ has announced that its final day of programming prior to the closing of the sale to Educational Media Foundation will be Friday, May 31.

The announcement was made by morning host Todd Pettingill with a montage of audio from the station’s history including clips of its era as Rock and Top 40 “Power 95“.

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  1. donobrian says

    No need to change these iconic call letters, they just take on a new meaning…We Praise Lord Jesus

    1. Michael R. says

      Very true, kinda like former PBS station KDTN (Denton, TX) taking on a coincidental acronym for religious ‘D’aystar ‘T’elevision ‘N’etwork. But it all depends on whether or not Cumulus Media has intellectual property on the WPLJ callsign and/or “PLJ” branding.

    2. crankyyankee says

      That’s a big change from “White Port & Lemon Juice”…

      1. Nathan Obral says

        Considering all the changes that 95.5 had been through since 1984 – from rock to rock/Top 40 to Top 40 (as the original WWPR) to Mojo Radio and various degrees of Hot AC – the meaning of WPLJ is all but lost. What do the call letters stand for? Have they stood for anything outside of Scott & Todd and Rocky Allen a decade ago?

        It’s for the best that the calls are retired on May 31 and 95.5 becomes WKLV.

    3. Nathan Obral says

      The WKLV call letters are more than likely going to migrate from 96.7 Port Chester onto 95.5. EMF almost always uses new calls alluding to K-Love in some way on their acquisitions, WCCC (retained) and WPAY-FM (reverted from WNKE, then ultimately changed to WPYK) being exceptions to the general rule.

      Cumulus is explicitly holding onto the WRQX calls once 107.3 Washington is sold, I haven’t heard the same with regard to WPLJ.

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