A Better Look With New Insight

Welcome to the newly redesigned RadioInsight.com.

I’ve spent the past few months preparing this change to bring the site back up to modern web standards. This is the first iteration of RadioInsight to be built from a mobile first perspective as over 50% of our page views now come from a mobile device and another 20% coming from tablets. To do so we have also optimized the site’s loading time and will be making further adjustments now that the new framework is live.

The new layout will also bring new features. The first will be our new “RadioInsight Tech” section dedicated to broadcast technology. We will be featuring news from various tech service providers, manufacturers, and other vendors as well as tips and commentary from engineers, digital directors, and more. The goal with RadioInsight Tech is to bridge the divide between management, sales, programming, and those in engineering and digital. We have much more planned for the coming months including additional programming and sales content, podcasts, and further voices.

I can’t begin to thank all of you who have made RadioInsight your go-to source for radio industry news. Our traffic continues to grow and multiple analytics services rank us as the most read website dedicated exclusively to the American radio business.

If you’re looking for more information on what we are building or information on how we can be part of your marketing plan towards the radio industry please e-mail me at lventa@radiobb.com.

-Lance Venta

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