And We Wonder Why People Look Down On Radio

The past few weeks have not been very kind to the job of radio air talent.

On-air prank leads to suicide. Becomes huge story globally. Check.
Trial involving two high profile hosts. Check.
Host gets suspended for making fun of caller with mental illness. Check.

And now today word comes out of a Program Director/Afternoon host fired in Springfield, MO for lying about serving in the military.

When’s the last time there was a positive story about radio talent? We wonder why listeners are abandoning the medium for Pandora, podcasts, or whatever other alternative they’ve found.

But it’s ok. The industry has found its salvation. They’re going to give Sprint millions of dollars in free advertising in exchange for activating a chip to put FM on cell phones. How about they find a way to make people want to use that FM tuner first and not keep driving the negative publicity home.

ADDENDUM: Let’s change the negativity. If you have a positive story about radio that you think needs sharing e-mail it to us and we’ll post it.

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