WFME Applies To Go Commercial, Prepares For Sale

94.7 WFME Newark New York Family Radio Harold Camping ESPN Merlin Cumulus
Last summer following the failed apocalypse predictions that led to the downfall of Family Stations head Harold Camping, the ministry applied to convert its 106.9 WKDN Camden, NJ and 107.9 WFSI Annapolis, MD from non-commercial to commercial status. That was the first step necessary to facilitate the sales of those stations which were purchased by Merlin Media and CBS respectively.

The last of Family Radio’s major market Commercial band FM’s has now applied to do the same. 94.7 WFME Newark, NJ is the only Class B FM in the New York market to not transmit from Manhattan itself, but still serves much of the market. It is the only Family Radio station to encode for the PPM, where it usually garners a ratings share in the 1.2 range.

A possible sale of the station should produce many suitors. ESPN has been looking for an FM to move its programming from 1050 WEPN. Cumulus would love to add a second FM in the market. Perhaps one of the local sports teams would like to pair an FM with their regional cable networks. This will be one of the most watched stories of 2012.

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