WKDN Gives Way To Hannity 106.9; IQ Coming

Sean Hannity 106.9 WWIQ Philadelphia Family Radio WKDN Camden Rush Limbaugh Randy Michaels FM News IQUpdate 5/1: Philadelphia Magazine gives some more details on the lineup of the coming “IQ 106.9“. Former WCAU-TV and KYW-TV anchor Larry Mendte, who we teased would be involved with Merlin prior to launch will co-host mornings with PD Al Gardner. Mendte has also been heard as the imaging voice on “Hannity 106.9“. The article also confirms Glenn Beck will host the 9am to noon slot preceding Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Update 4/16 2:00pm: After approximately 15 minutes of dead air at noon, 106.9 began its stunting with All Sean Hannity with the WWIQ calls now in place.

Original Report 4/16 12:30am: Merlin Media has begun the process of converting its recently acquired 106.9 WKDN Camden/Philadelphia to News/Talk.

The station’s carrier dropped its Family Radio programming at exactly 12am as the station began the process of moving its programming to Merlin’s studios.

After about a half hour of dead air the station returned with a loop of REM’s “End Of The World As We Know It”, playing off Family Radio owner Harold Camping’s failed prediction of the end of the world which led to the station being sold off in the first place. That programming will soon give way to a non-stop loop of Premiere Radio Network’s Sean Hannity. The Hannity1069.com that we told you about last week has gone live promoting All-Hannity around the clock. Listen to the end of WKDN and beginning of stunting at FormatChange.com.

It is expected that Hannity will soon be joined by Rush Limbaugh as the station takes on CBS’ 1210 WPHT for the Talk audience in Philadelphia.

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