1580 WNEW Washington To Cover Government/Business News

1580 Big Talker WNEW WHFS Washington 1500 WFED Governement Federal NewsUpdate 9/11: It took awhile for this one to come to fruition, but CBS will flip “1580 The Big Talker” WNEW to “1580 Gov.Biz Radio” on October 1.

The new lineup at the station will feature Business programming from Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and other syndicated sources as well as locally originated programming. The station’s new lineup is as follows:

5-7am: Bloomberg’s First Word with Ken Prewitt
7-10am: The Daily Briefing with Nancy Lyons. A local show focusing on the government sector.
10am-12pm: On The Economy with Carol Massar and Michael McKee
12-1230pm: The Capitol Hill Report with Nancy Lyons
1230-4pm: Bloomberg’s The Hays Advantage with Kathleen Hays
4pm-6pm: Clark Howard
6pm-7pm: The Wall Street Journal’s Daily Wrap with Michael Castner

Original Report 2/13: Just a month after CBS debuted News 99.1 WNEW-FM Washington, DC to compete with Hubbard’s 103.5 WTOP, the company is poised to take on Hubbard’s niche “Federal News Radio” 1500 WFED.

1580 The Big Talker” WNEW will soon become “1580 GOV” as the company has registered 1580GOV.com and 1580GOV.biz for the station.

INSTANT INSIGHT: WFED does not generate high ratings with its Government News programming, but does bill well with government contractors. CBS’ combo of 1580 and 99.1 can be sold to advertisers as a more affordable option to Hubbard’s WTOP and WFED. With WTOP being the #1 billing station in the country last year, there should be enough money to go around especially in an election year like this.

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