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A Dallas Decoy

Soft Rock 97.1 The Eagle Bull KEGL Dallas Fort Worth Russ Martin AmpRadio Amp RadioSo it appears someone at Clear Channel wants the world to know that is in existence and pointing to KEGL Dallas’ website.

Now why is it that a company will go out of its way to mask the true nature of 99% of its domain registrations but not this one? Well lets start with the fact that was NOT registered by Clear Channel corporate using their usual registrar. Looks like someone in the Dallas cluster saw the registrations for a possible CBS AmpRadio in the market and wants to throw a curveball in their plans.

Back in September when leaked, the expectation was Clear Channel would flip 97.1 to Country if Cumulus shifted “I93” KLIF-FM to one of the two Country stations it now owned in the market. The same thinking is in play here. If CBS goes CHR, Clear Channel will retaliate with a flip of its expendable KEGL to something that will hurt the eye’s 103.7 KVIL or Classic Hits 98.7 KLUV.

It’ll be worth watching this if CBS does go through with a move to CHR, otherwise The Eagle will just keep on rocking until the next time Clear Channel needs to use 97.1 to protect the rest of its cluster.

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Lance Venta is the Owner and Publisher of and a consultant for RadioBB Networks specializing in integration of radio and the internet. Lance has two decades of experience tracking the audio industry and its use of digital platforms.

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