A Project Takes Hold In Cincinnati

The Project 100.7 106.3 Cincinnati River WEBN Clear Channel AlternativeUpdate 8/16: As we expected, Alternative “The Project 100.7/106.3” launched today at noon.

Update 6:30pm: Well played… Right after our report went live, the CincinnatiProject.com site was changed to logo based on the 24/7 Comedy network and the link to the Facebook page was pulled.

Original Report 2:00pm: Clear Channel will soon debut its latest “Project” in Cincinnati.

The new station will launch utilizing a pair of translators to cover much of the market. 100.7 W264BW Norwood covers downtown Cincinnati and neighboring portions of Kentucky. It signed on in April and has been operating as Hot AC “The River“. The second translator, 106.3 W292DT Auburn covers northern portions of the city and surrounding suburbs. Both translators are owned by EMF Broadcasting but leased to Clear Channel to rebroadcast WEBN-HD2.

Formatically, the currently in development website features content for Alternative, which would fill a likely hole in the market. All uses of “Project” by the company have been attached to younger skewing Rock. The domain registrations leave a couple other options available though as Clear Channel registered CincinnatiProject.com, Project1007.com, Project1063.com, ProjectCountryCincinnati.com, ProjectHipHopCincinnati.com, ProjectRiverCincinnati.com, TheCincinnatiProject.com, and TheProjectCincinnati.com.

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