103.7 San Diego

San Diego To Receive Energy Boost

Update 3/29 11pm: Energy 103.7 debuted at 5pm local time. Listen to the debut of Energy on FormatChange.com. Update 3/29 2pm: CBS confirms that CHR “Energy 103.7” will debut this afternoon. Sophie PD Charese Fruge will remain in place with the new format with oversight from Kevin Weatherly, CBS’ SVP/Programming. CBS describes the new station as Featuring today’s Top 40 hits, Energy 103.7 will combine the power of its on-air position with myriad online and digital applications creating a full 360 degree audio and visual experience for teens and Adults 18-34. Available on-air at 103.7 and online at www.energy1037.com , Energy 103.7 will debut with artists such as Katy Perry, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Drake, LMFAO, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Kanye West, Usher, Britney, a...Read More

Surfing In San Diego, Phoenix Update

While we await the official launch of 101.5 Jamz in Phoenix, another one of CBS’ Free-FM stations seems headed for a spot at the Format Change Archive. Earlier today, SDRadio.net and AllAccess.com both showed us 1037KSURF.com with the logo plastered above. The domain is registered to a Judith Joseph of Cape Coral, FL but redirects to a subdirectory at cbsradioSD.com. The one thing that we’re questioning is the fact that those sites are NOT hosted by the company that runs all of CBS Radio’s web sites. I want to say this is to throw people off the scent, but I’m not willing to put my money where my mouth is. If anything this could be a play off of the KSCF calls. UPDATE 6/22 9:00am: The aforementioned site has now been pulled from the server. We’ll stand by our ...Read More

Infinity To Launch Network Of FM Talkers Using FreeFM Brand

With all the hoopla surrounding the departure of Howard Stern to Sirius at the end of the year, many radio industry pundits have wondered what Infinity Broadcasting has planned to replace Stern. The pieces have been slowly coming together. Today, Infinity will take control of 106.9 KIFR San Francisco (formerly Family Radio KEAR-FM) and launch a stunt in preparation of the debut of “106.9 Free-FM”. San Francisco will merely be the first station to debut with the Free-FM branding. In late July, Infinity registered the following webdomains: (The stations the domains are for are still mere speculation based on Infinity’s existing properties) 923freefm.com (for WXRK New York – Stern’s current flagship) 925freefm.com (for KDJM Denver – currently Rhythmic Oldie...Read More

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