The Insighters On Second Chances

In light of David Mueller’s return to radio at WMYQ/Greenwood, MS, we posed this question to The Insighters: Should radio people who screw up get second chances? Is there ever a point at which the infraction is so bad that a second chance shouldn’t even be considered?

Major market talent: If it weren’t for second chances none of us would have gigs. We’ve all messed up before.

Medium market programmer: I can think of only one time where I haven’t given a second chance. I can think of another instance where I let someone go, but kept the door open for rehire. And I did. He was a remarkable talent.

National digital executive: Everyone deserves the chance of rehabilitation. Should they be put back in the same position they held prior? Well that depends on the incident and the harm that may cause.

Small market programmer: Perhaps it’s how they handled themselves after the fact. I don’t have a problem with David Mueller getting another shot; I do have a problem with how he handled himself during the whole ordeal, up to and including the dollar coin thing.

The people from Sacramento seemed to handle it pretty well and I don’t recall it following them to their next gig. I don’t think that would happen in today’s climate, and I’m not sure we’re better for it.

Large market engineer: I don’t think bad publicity is always good. In today’s atmosphere, the station probably won’t suffer but if I had a business relationship with the owner, I may consider [making] a disconnect.

Small market news talent: It’ll be very interesting what the women in that small market think. Supposedly, the women on staff have made their peace with the hire, after some initial misgivings. But what about the female listeners to a station in a format that depends on them? What about Taylor Swift’s fans there? He may deserve another shot, but in [the same] format? Maybe he should be on a male-targeted rocker.

Editor’s note: In the spirit of full transparency, we feel we should note that all this week’s respondents are men.  Several women are part of The Insighters panel, however, none chose to comment.

Next week, we’ll be asking The Insighters to weigh in on the new Mentoring and Inspiring Women In Radio (MIW) gender analysis study released yesterday. If you’d like to give your two cents, we’d love to hear from you.  Send a note to and tell us a little about yourself.


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