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Follow Monday #FM #FollowMonday Twitter Links First in a series…

A few weeks ago on Twitter, @HeAintReally suggested that the radio industry adopt Monday’s for the day to spotlight others of note in the radio industry for its easily noticeable #FM hashtag. While this series will not be directly focused on Twitter, we think its a perfect way to focus the light on others who deserve it.

This week we’re focusing on blogs and podcasts dedicated to the future of radio and related fields that you should be following on a regular basis.

  • RAIN – Radio & Internet Newsletter is well known for constantly being ahead of the curve on the trends facing the digital shift in radio.
  • James Cridland – The self claimed “radio futurologist” is flat out one of the smartest people online.
  • Lost Remote – Focusing on the merger of social media and television almost every article can be directly used by radio as well.
  • JacoBlog – While rightfully a promotional piece for their consultancy, Jacobs Media constantly shares information on how to evolve the medium.
  • Evolver.FM – Almost a Lost Remote for the music industry. Spotlights app innovation in the music space.
  • PRX Labs – Public Radio Exchange’s blog spotlights the tech enhancements being developed internally at PRX for member stations.
  • Mark Ramsey – Another well known name in radio circles, Ramsey is on top of trends and issues facing the radio industry moving forward.
  • Sonic Overlook – The upstart on this list, Sonic Overlook focuses more on the social side of radio and the web but understands the coming paradigm shift.

And finishing up with a pair of podcasts:

  • This Week in Radio Tech – Dedicated to issues pertaining to engineering including new technologies
  • The Wolf Den – Earwolf is one of the fastest growing comedy podcast (or digital content in their words) networks. Jeff Ullrich shows the behind the scenes issues facing it and others in the space. Whether you like it or not, they are one of radio’s biggest competitors for spoken word programming.

If you believe we’ve omitted a site that deserves to be highlighted please let us know in the comments. We may have been saving them for another category or may not know of their existence.

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