SOPA Will Cut Deeper Than Piracy

I’ll make this blunt, if SOPA/PIPA pass in their current form RadioInsight is dead.

I’m not a pirate. But this bill is way too vague to prevent any site with any minor connection to big media to escape the crosshairs.

The first domain registration I report on could be met with a takedown. Every entry posted on our boards (And every other message board or comment left on any website) will have to be filtered and manually approved. Every bit of audio posted on our three aircheck sites will also be at risk of one takedown request shutting down the site. All unwarranted, but it wouldn’t matter since there will be no way to prove innocence without lots of money and resources along with lost time.

You’ve been beaten over the head today with reasons why these bills are bad, but I highly recommend’s and Wil Wheaton’s explanations.

And so glad to see radio stations like 96X in Norfolk, VA getting into the act as well in explaining why.

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  1. Steven says

    In it’s current writing, both bills would be bad for the web. Thankfully, with all these online protests that have been happening today, things are talking a different direction. The White House said they would veto both bills if they were to pass Congress, and several lawmakers so far have dropped their support. Safe to say, things are getting better.

  2. Bryan Wellander says

    Or radioinsight can branch out into other areas but still be on the topic of radio. Like current news.

    1. Lance Venta says


      Your missing the point. The bill will make it impossible for any website to operate without the possibility of being pulled.

  3. MTN Productions says

    That was sad news, now looked what happened to Megaupload. That was closed down this past Friday due to copyright infringement according to the US government. When I checked the link to Megaupload, it will redirect to the Department of Justice and the FBI site regarding on copyright issues. I’m so disappointed to see Megaupload go. Now they got Rapidshare, Mediafire and others to benefit from the loss of Megaupload, but there’s no need to get into copyright issues.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Except MegaUpload was allowing piracy. There needs to be something done to prevent commercial products from being distributed freely, and nothing will completely erode piracy but perhaps content producers need to adapt instead of forcing the web to die in order to protect their decades old ways of business. This goes for the radio industry as well as it needs to adapt instead of believing new media is not a threat.

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