The Social Media Pursuit To Become A Power Pig: @HireMe933FLZ

Rayne Tim Rainey 93.3 933FLZ WFLZ Tampa HireMe933FLZ With more competition for fewer jobs in the radio industry those on the search need to do more to get noticed.

Rayne, former Program Director of “Radio Now 100.9” WNOU Indianapolis has taken that mantra and ran with it. He’s chosen the job he wants and is making his intentions known to the world.

With the use of and the corresponding Twitter account, Rayne has began his pursuit of the opening at Clear Channel’s 93.3 WFLZ Tampa following the move of Kane from afternoons to mornings.

We love this move. You have to draw attention to stick out from the pack and making a social media campaign out of the job hunt does just that. I asked Rayne a few questions about his pursuit for the FLZ position.

Was there something that influenced the campaign?

I have applied for many jobs in my career and as a program director, I’ve had many people apply for positions I’ve had open. I always believed the more you can make your name jump out to the person making the hiring decisions, the better your chances at the gig. Just like any break you would do on the air, you have five seconds to be memorable. If you can’t grab attention with anything in five seconds or less, you might not advance to the “call back” pile.

Are you concerned that it could impede your pursuit of other jobs?

I’m not concerned about it impeding other opportunities I’m working on. If anything, hiring managers might look at it as “I need to get this guy before someone else does.”

As a Programmer, would you see this move as something you’d want to see done more or only with the right job available?

As a PD, I would love to see jocks take an initiative like this, trying to get a gig. Shows that you want it. If at any point you can catch my attention like this, you definitely deserve at least a phone call. However, your demo should be equally as impressive.

Whether he gets the position at WFLZ or not is irrelevant in the big picture. He has shown his willingness to go the extra mile to get his foot in the door and it will pay off somewhere eventually.

Follow Rayne’s pursuit on Twitter at @FreeAgentRayne and @HireMe933FLZ.

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