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  • JVC Media has moved Classic Hits “104.9 Wow-FM” WYGC High Springs FL to the 100.9 signal that had been home to Soft AC “Smooth-FM” WXJZ Gainesville.

    The move gets the Classic Hits format off the rimshot signal […]

  • Maine Public Broadcasting’s new Maine Public Classical Network has acquired 104.1 W281AC Portland from the University of Southern Maine.

    W281AC had served as a downtown Portland booster for 90.9 WMPG Gorham, […]

  • The broad Southern Rock based “99.5 The South” format at WZRR Birmingham was too good to be true as the station will flip to Talk “Talk 99.5” on Tuesday morning.

    The format will be a repackaged version of what […]

    • And now one of the first Nash Icon stations has changed… More flips in markets where either Nash or NI wasn’t needed coming? Playing the guessing game…

    • This is a novelty format that will wear thin very quickly. There isn’t enough quality music product in this narrowly defined genre to keep listeners interested after three or four months.

    • I completely disagree. It’s a great format if they continue to feed the appetite for new southern rock/Texas country. Red dirt music, Americana….whatever you wanna call it. All the “hot” artists are of this format. Sturgil Simpson, Jason Isbell, whitey Morgan, drive by truckers, randy Rodgers, Wade bowen….feed the up and coming acts and this is definitely not a novelty. Billboard just added an Americana top Playlist. It’s a growing segment of music.

    • I really enjoy it but I’m not sure that it’s going to last in Birmingham I hope it does but not sure. It sure beats the classic station we have here that play the same old hit songs that you always hear. This is like listening to internet radio you hear songs that you don’t get to hear very often!

    • Well THAT just sucks…..You get a format that attracts local (and national) attention, complete with logo, imaging and social media links. Then WHAM! PSYCHE! Here’s ANOTHER boring talk station.

      Then people wonder why it’s so hard for local terrestrial radio to survive in the streaming age. Like the old saying goes, “If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.” And it’s not helping win back those listeners who have defected to streaming from elsewhere. For them, terrestrial radio has become a sick joke. And stunts like this only re-enforce that sentiment.

      The radio industry needs to get wise to this because it’s a fact.

      • National attention? From where outside of this site? Just because a few radio geeks become aware of a station doesn’t mean its generating a buzz anywhere. National audiences won’t help WZRR make money in Birmingham.

      • Talk may be boring for most, but it sells. Personally, I loathe talk radio, but changing to talk programming was probably the most viable option for WZRR. What else were they going to do musically? The “South” format would have never had mass appeal, anyway. Granted, there are lots of people in Birmingham who enjoy it and would be dedicated to it, but it’s a NICHE format that would be very difficult to sell. I see comments from listeners all the time why their favorite radio station changes format…demanding it be brought back…but they never look at what precipitated the change. They never look at the financial end of radio, only what they want delivered to their “personal jukebox”. Those of us who are involved in internet radio are more willing to offer those kinds of niche formats and wider playlists, so those options are always available for those kinds of limited appeal formats. I do agree with you, though, about the ramifications of these kinds of shenanigans (stunts) that broadcast radio employs and how listeners perceive them. The vast majority of listeners don’t know what a “radio stunt” is and those individuals who *are* familiar with them either work in radio or have an interest in it. I’m reading many comments on Facebook today from “South” listeners who don’t understand why their station changed formats again in four days time. To them, it’s frustrating and many of them are already commenting about being fed up with broadcast radio and opting to go to satellite radio, listening to online radio, Pandora, Spotify, etc as an alternative for listening. Listeners are already moving to those mediums en masse, and the problem is only exacerbated by these kinds of activities (like four day stunts) that broadcast radio believes is going to help them in the long run with listeners. Definitely does nothing for the perception of broadcast radio….

        • That’s exactly my point.

          When you do something that appears to be new and unconventional, people notice. And when you suddenly yank it in favor of the same old-same old, they lose confidence in the medium.

          The radio industry bigwigs like to chalk it up to the stereotypical “hippies”, pining for the days of ’60s freeform album rock, even though almost half that generation is dead in 2016. And Wavy Gravy hasn’t said a word about this. And for the most part, they’ve largely abandoned radio altogether (save the oddball public station or two that still plays Pearls Before Swine or Jefferson Airplane album cuts from vinyl.) This is something entirely different.

          The trouble is when they look at it strictly from the profit margins, they’re forgetting that’s not how the average listener sees it. To the remaining listeners (i.e. those who haven’t defected completely to alternative forms of radio, etc.), they are not concerned with “maximizing shareholder value”. They still think it’s live people playing CDs. And in spite of what most of us already know about the precarious financial situations with iHeart, Cumulus, etc, THEY think the radio industry is filthy rich (and the industry has to maintain that illusion professionally.)

          And public image matters in other ways too. The idea that terrestrial radio doesn’t care about listeners, that they automatically kill every good station (to them) they put on or take over runs deep. While The South had a shorter life than most insects, some creativity DID go into that stunt (music selection, imaging, social media, etc.)

          Pandora and Spotify, for all their own financial problems, still does a booming business with people tuning in. And even if they were to go bankrupt or implode in some way tomorrow, terrestrial broadcasters still won’t get these listeners to go back to a medium that has nothing of interest to offer them.

    • I look for this station to become a major player, in the Magic City, once it catches on.

      Well…you’ll be lookin’ for a LONG time. 🙂

      It makes sense that the “South” format was merely a stunt. That being said, the “real” format that was selected here is an unwise move. WAPI has been a colossal ratings loser for years.

      WERC will wipe the floor clean with the new 99.5 – you can take that to the bank! Heck, they probably won’t even be able to hang with 101. *THAT* is how little confidence I have in Cumulus’ programming & execution ability.

      There are several format options out there that would’ve been better choices for 99.5 — traditional country (NOT the garbage known as Nash Icon), pop-based classic hits, classic hip-hop and rock.

      • Rap Oldies is a non-starter in Alabama. This is the state where a record shop was charged with obscenity for selling an album by The 2 Live Crew.
        Current-based Rock has never been easy to sell to advertisers in Alabama either.

        • Honestly, what is your obsession with the term “Rap Oldies”? Just say what you’re really wanting to say.

          As for the format itself, it could work. Birmingham itself has a high percentge of African-Americans, and they have 6 stations doing some form of Urban. Take one out and replace it with CHH and it can be done.

          • The only people who want Rap Oldies are fanboys on message boards. Alabama is a state that is both culturally AND socially conservative.

            • Riiiiiiiight…fanboys…

            • Thanks again for keeping those fanboys in line, Charles. They might not admit it but you and I know that the era they define as “classic hip-hop” was historically the one and only time when lyric content has ever been the least bit offensive to social and cultural conservatives, in Birmingham or across our great nation. There’s nothing like that today.

              Why, take this weeks number one song on Billboard’s R&B/HIP-HOP NATIONAL AIRPLAY chart — a lovely melody by DESIIGNER called “Panda.” If I understand the lyrics, it’s all about a young man who among other things appears to wash down his medication with a Fanta soft drink. Along the way he also references legendary TV wrestler Randy Savage and shares some fashion tips with a young woman he’s courting. All so very “Leave it to Beaver.”

              Then there’s Drake’s “Energy.” Another heartwarming recollection — written in a similar style of the late Earl Hamner Jr., creator of “The Waltons.” Seems this modern day John-Boy enjoys the company of trusted friends, some who are currently enjoying the scenic beauty of Canada. He boasts of his home, some morally pure women who are waiting for marriage, and an accountant who helps him maintain a retirement account.

              Both currently in rotation at Birmingham’s number two rated radio station, 95.7 Jamz. Enjoy.

            • Have to ask…do you like talking down to people? Someone slightly disagrees with you or loves a format and there you go attacking them. Yeah, I slightly disagree with some commenters, but I don’t talk down to them.

            • ksradiogeek, considering Mr. Everett’s history, I appreciate your candor in questioning his real issue with the classic hip-hop format. I have no problem with you. My apology if you believe that I do. We’re actually in full agreement. My reply was directed to Mr. Everett. And yes, I do enjoy matching his tone when replying to him. No apology for that.

              In my reply, I was hoping to present the question that If Birmingham is too conservative to accept classic hip-hop, then please explain the 20 year success of stations like 95.7 Jamz. Shouldn’t the current lyric content presented be just as difficult, if not more difficult to sell than the content of classic hip-hop?

              (One more thing. As for 2 Live Crew in Alabama? I noticed that Mr. Everett left out how that story ended. The Alabama music store prosecuted later saw that conviction overturned on appeal.)

            • It’s all good, WeNeverKnew. Yeah, the way the messages are stacked is a bit off, so nothing was aimed towards you.

              Good point about Alabama being conservative. If that’s the case, why is WBHJ still around?

  • Cumulus Country “103.3 Nash-FM” WKDF Nashville TN has hired Heather Davis as its new midday host.

    Davis replaces Becca Walls who announced her resignation last week following a sixteen year run. Davis joins […]

    • Since Heather Davis is working in Nashville itself, might her midday show eventually get syndicated to the other “Nash FM” stations owned by Cumulus??

  • Station Sales
    Logos Broadcasting Corporation is selling Christian AC “Life 89.3” KLFF San Luis Obispo CA to Family Life Broadcasting for $400,000. Family Life will convert KLFF to a satellite rebroadcaster of […]

  • Public media distribution company PRX is losing its CEO as he launches RadioPublic to focus on creating new app-based listening platforms.

    RadioPublic states that they are working to reinvent radio and will […]

  • Last month Akron Public Schools AAA “The Summit” 91.3 WAPS Akron/90.7 WKTL Struthers/Youngstown OH launched a brand extension focused on local artists and musicians with a connection to the station’s Northeast Ohi […]

  • Following a six year run on iHeartMedia Classic Rock “Big 105.9” WBGG-FM, the NFL’s Miami Dolphins are moving their broadcasts to CBS Radio Sports 560 WQAM and Country “Kiss 99.9” WKIS for the upcoming […]

    • Doesn’t WQAM-560 (and other AM stations in the Miami/South Florida area) still get interference from Cuban “jammer stations”??

      Or has that diminished with the thawing of relations between Washington and Havana??

      • What has that got to do with the topic of this thread? Stop overthinking things for once!
        On a more relevant note, the new Dolphins contract is for English radio — their Spanish radio moved to 1210 ESPN Deportes [WNMA] last fall.

    • Yes, they all still get interference and that hasn’t and won’t change.

  • CBS Alternative “X107.5” KXTE Pahrump/Las Vegas has hired Ross Mahoney as Program Director and afternoon host.

    Mahoney joins from Sunrise Broadcasting’s “Modern Rock 98.7” WRMR Wilmington NC where he was PD. […]

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