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  • Cumulus Country “92.3 Nash-FM” WRKN LaPlace/New Orleans LA is expanding its presence to target the adjacent Baton Rouge market while tweaking its programming towards a mix of 1990s and current songs.

    WRKN is […]

    • Making up for what would have been Nash FM 94.5 had the KSMB move to BR gone through, I’m guessing.

  • Station Sales
    After a second attempt at bringing a 107.7 signal into the Omaha market failed due to conflicts with the FAA, Kona Coast Radio is selling Silent 107.7 KIMI Malvern IA to Educational Media Foundation […]

  • Very rarely do you see a major change at a station comfortably leading its market, but that’s what happened in San Diego as Entercom Soft AC “Easy 98.1” KIFM relaunched at 5pm on Thursday as “Sunny […]

    • The first song on Sunny 98.1 was “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina & The Waves. The Maroon 5 song came after that.

      The last song on Easy 98.1 was “Sundown” by Gordon Lightfoot.

    • I’m not really seeing the reason for one of the top rated stations in SD to change. I was under the impression that 98.1 was quite popular, and seemed to fill a nice nitche that was needed. But I guess that’s why I’m not a radio programmer.

    • Maybe the ratings had nothing to do with it. Maybe the billing was down and the reboot maybe more attractive to advertisers willing to pay more for air time.

    • Pretty much every station, outside of sports and hard rock, wants females ages 25-54. I don’t see many 30-year-old women digging Gordon Lightfoot. I would speculate KIFM was trending downward in that demographic, and fewer advertisers were willing to re-up contracts under the current format.

      • Rob Zerwekh hit the head on the nail (or the nail on the head): The demographic of women between 25 and 54 years of age (a/k/a “The Soccer Moms”) is the most-desired demographic in modern advertising and that’s why most radio stations chase that demo.

    • What?

      What makes it any different then KYXY now? What a huge mistake!!

      I can understand a few musical tweaks here and there, but this is just radio suicide? KYXY at 3.4….KIFM at #1 with a 6.2??

      I heard this station on everywhere…Offices, businesses, etc. They had a winner and they give it away? Wow, never seen anything like this?

      Pay attention SD programmers! You’ve just been just given a huge gift!

      A good A/C with some good currents and healthy doses of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s…slam-dunk in San Diego.

      These geniuses at Entercom are committing the classic mistake of messing with success…Incredible?

      • Entercom is NOT “messing with success”. It has realized that Soft Adult Contemporary is a gimmick format.
        And did you not notice the first hour of Sunny 98.1? “My Life” is the oldest song on that playlist and it’s from 1978. Plus there were 4 songs from the 1980s.
        You want 1960s music, listen to your 45s.

    • Charles57…I can’t wait to go back to this thread and look at wrong you and the suits at Entercom were.

      Within the next 2-3 books, it won’t be so Sunny for Sunny 98.1.

      In fact, my bet is that it loses it’s #1 spot quickly and sinks right down to around where KYXY is now.

      • But I’m betting KYXY is doing better in 25-54 (and billing) than KIFM was.

        This format change is exhibit A on the dangers of looking at 6+ numbers.

      • First, sorry that you’ve lost a radio station that you clearly were passionate about. I’ve been there too. I know it hurts. And you might well be right about ratings. But that doesn’t matter. What does is billing. That should improve with this change.

    • Thank you very much alffan! Gimmick format charles57? I think not!

      I’m a spoiled child and causing harm to the industry charles57?

      Can’t buy a station, but can bet you $1000 that KIFM first flat-lines, then drops precipitously within the next 6 months?

      Pay attention Mexican radio station owners with SD coverage and SD programmers. This is a gift, a gimmie…take it!

    • Entercom would have done so already.

    • I can’t confirm it directly, but the station may still have some version of Smooth Jazz on HD-2.

    • With solid, increasing numbers like KIFM has with women 25-54, how on earth can someone at Entercom have signed-on to this?

      Someone else will do this and soon…Entercom has absolutely opened the door for a signal like KYXY, KBZT, KSSX or even XPRS to switch and get an almost instant pop to the top.

      DE, care to offer some insight?

      • It’s never about ratings. It’s about billing. My guess (hoping Mr. Eduardo can provide greater insight) is that Entercom wasn’t seeing the billing they wanted from Easy and adjusted to improve.

    • The smooth jazz curse strikes again. I knew the soft AC format wouldn’t last, just surprised they stuck with AC.

    • Are you guys reading what I’ve posted?

      Their Women 25-54, the most coveted and sell-able demo to advertisers is/was solid and increasing at KIFM.


      • Yes, we have read your posts, airpab. Relax.

      • Obviously you haven’t read what we’re saying. It’s not about ratings but whether you can sell them. Again, waiting for confirmation from David Eduardo. But my prediction is that those 25-54 numbers were top heavy with 45-54 and moving past that 54 year old cutoff every hour. This is no different that what we’ve seen with beautiful music, standards, 50-60s oldies, etc. The older the audience (even perceived audience), the more difficult to convert ratings to ad dollars. Entercom clearly felt it was time to move the station younger to sustain any chance of long term advertiser salability. It’s a painful reality. Little consolation but again, sorry you’ve lost a radio station you clearly enjoyed. But you’re not the only person this has happened too, nor will you be the last.

        • Very true. Here in St. Louis, many years ago, we had a station that went by the monicker 104.1 The Mall. It was a modern oldies station (late’70’s-early ’90’s). It was a decent station, and had a nice following in that coveted 25-54 age group. Then the format changed to that Frank Sinatra-Dean Martin type of music, and it quite the shock for all of us. Reason given was that they wanted to focus on the 55 and above age bracket. Yeah, that worked great–the station fell from 11th in the city to Dead Sea-last. The format was scrapped rather quickly, no surprise. I know this may not be quite the same thing, but it comes the closest for us here.

    • David posted elsewhere that the station skewed old and was in 10th place 25-54.

      Given how high they ranked 6+ you do the math: most of that audience was 55+ and the only numbers they could sell were heavy 45-54.

      KIXY was drinking their milkshake.

  • While stations across the country have responded to the passing of Prince today, the biggest response has been in his hometown of Minneapolis.

    Three stations have gone non-stop Prince today: AAA “89.3 The […]

    • There’s a new Daily Beast article (at that provides the backstory for what happened with The Current. Apparently, the station made general plans for similar coverage, in the wake of David Bowie’s death; however, the thinking was that Prince was too active to have specific plans to cover his passing.

      Separately, to highlight one non-Twin Cities station (for now), San Diego’s XHRM is planning to have its Prince marathon all the way through Sunday.

      • This is why I’m a member of Minnesota Public Radio and The Current. Brilliant programming today and it kept me from breaking down at work

    • I’m listening to 89.3 The Current – just like on Jan 10 on the day David Bowie left us, I’m enjoying dj’s Mary Lucia and Mark Wheat providing great info and spinning Prince’s album library in order (in celebration of his life) and I’m listening via KPCC HD2 89.3 L.A.

    • KS95 will reportedly be all-Prince again during morning drive tomorrow (Friday)–and is promoting a “Purple for Prince” campaign for the entire day.

    • Nice to see 11 different stations break in and play Prince (with only one of them [102.9 KMNB] being a format that normally wouldn’t play Prince)

      • Not only that, KTWN may have angered the Minnesota Twins by going all-Prince instead of carrying baseball. Go 96.3 originates the Twins’ radio network and is a corporate cousin to the ballclub — who had a ballgame at noontime yesterday.
        Assuming all times on Lance’s blog are Eastern and not Minneapolis local (Central).

        • I think the blog times were Central.

        • KZGO went all-Prince, not KTWN.

        • Well, exceptions can (and should) be made when you consider the importance of Prince and how he literally transformed Minneapolis into the pop music capitol of Earth in the ’80s. The Minneapolis Sound was pure ear candy and influenced not just pop, but alternative, R&B, rock and even heavy metal worldwide. And it was Prince that hand cultivated that sound from it’s beginnings to it’s worldwide domination. And echoes of it still ring everywhere in today’s pop music.

          Everyone in the Minneapolis music and radio industries owes something to it. Everyone benefited from it in a direct or indirect way. And Minneapolis itself would be a very different place today without Prince. And when you’ve just lost someone who was such an influence and a source of local pride, there will be other ball games. But there will never be another Prince.

        • KTWN ran the Twins as scheduled. They went all-Prince after the game.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the website Radio Tapes ( ), which features airchecks of (mostly) Minneapolis/St. Paul radio stations and extensive airchecks of historic special events/breaking news as broadcast in the Twin Cities, will post within the next few days airchecks of some of the coverage mentioned in this post, perhaps also adding clips from local TV news coverage.

      Yesterday (April 21st), the website of WCCO-4 was streaming their live coverage of Prince’s death; it probably began once the first news flash came in and likely continued through their early-evening local newscast. I suspect KSTP-5, KMSP-9 and KARE-11 had similar nonstop coverage.

      • Also check the site “Crap from the Past.” He’s posted a lot of good airchecks over the years. Oh, and Joseph, The Current is airing his entire catalog A to W (no X, Y, or Z, since he didn’t have any songs in those letters) beginning tonight at 6 and going until Sunday evening.

      • I wouldn’t completely rule out TC Media Now ( and user “tcmedianow” on YouTube) posting something–even though its focus is usually on older video. (Longer videos tend to be posted on the dedicated site, while shorter ones tend to go on YouTube.)

    • I thought the new Minnesota Vikings’ stadium would be hosting Super Bowl LII in 2018, and during yesterday’s coverage (not from a webstream of a local Twin Cities station), it was mentioned that there had already been speculation that Prince would make a return engagement as halftime headliner, since the game was in his hometown and that the NFL (usually) selects Super Bowl halftime headliners who have been major stars on a global basis for many years, given that the game is telecast around the world.

    • 89.3 ‘The Current’ is airing Prince’s entire catalog from A-to-W and yes yes folks, I’m glued to the radio for the next 26 hours.

  • Dr. Drew Pinsky announced on this morning’s Kevin & Bean show on CBS Alternative 106.7 KROQ Los Angeles that the syndicated Loveline will end its run on Thursday, April 28.

    Pinksy joined what was the “Ask A […]

  • Maine Public Broadcasting will launch a second network on Monday, May 9.

    Maine Public Classical will launch across the network’s HD2 signals and on 91.5 WFYB Freyburg, 99.7 W259BY Waterville, and 106.1 W291CO […]

    • Not surprised that this would occur; however, I was surprised that MPBN would virtually abandon classical music on it’s current analog network at this point.

      I was surprised the late-night music program “In Tune” (at least for now) is staying on MPBN’s original network; I thought it (and “World Cafe”) would have been replaced with “Q” and “As It Happens” from CBC Radio One.

      I thought that MPBN Radio might have continued classical programming in late morning on it’s primary network for a year or so, until it acquired more analog signals.

  • Cumulus AAA 104.5 KFOG San Francisco/97.7 KFFG Los Altos CA completed its three week jockless stretch promoting the station’s “evolution” this morning.

    Now positioning itself as “Music Matters”, the new KFOG […]

    • Though I love the music, especially retaining AAA and focusing on new music like Nathaniel Ratcliff – I’m still royally pissed off by the way Annalisa, Webster, Dred, and especially Rosalie were treated like yesterday’s trash. I do like Matt Pinfield and I did Listen to his show through my murderous drive from LA to OC (via iHeart Entune in my Toyota). Sorry, but I’m still angry… so I removed KFOG from my Entune and will only listen to KFOG from time to time. Screw Cumulus – I’ve removed KABC 790 and KLOS 95.5 from all my radios (replaced with KCRW 89.9) – Thank God for noncomm radio (KCSN, KPCC HD2 ‘The Current’ and KCRW ‘Eclectic24’) Joe G

    • KFOG personifies the exact thing(s) that are so wrong, so boring, so unlistenable with terrestrial radio.

      All the fun, all the personality, all the long-term relationships that great DJ’s have built, erased. Along with the creativity, excitement and any semblance of what used to make listening to the radio fun and engaging.

      Point is, who needs it?

      Radio will go thru this period of BLAH, bottom-line programming for only so long, before it figures out (perhaps way too late) that the only thing it has over the 1000’s of options people have to listen to music, is personality and content, along with the music!

  • CBS Radio Chicago has promoted Todd Cavanah to VP/Programming for their cluster.

    Cavanah has worked at CHR “B96” 96.3 WBBM-FM since 1990 and has programmed the station since 1993. His new position will add […]

  • In addition to his new duties as morning host at Cumulus’ 104.5 KFOG San Francisco, Matt Pinfield will also anchor a new two hour evening show for Westwood One.

    “2Hours With Matt Pinfield” will be targeted to […]

  • Davis Media is selling one half of its Columbia SC operation to Radio Training Network.

    RTN has filed to purchase AAA “92.1 The Palm” WWNU Irmo from Davis for $1 million. Radio Training Network owns multiple […]

    • According to the in-market rumor mill, WWNQ (94.3) will simulcast “The Palm” for a month and then assume the AAA programming.

  • iHeartMedia debuted Spanish Christian “Alma 97.1” on a pair of Orlando area translators.

    The new programming is being heard on 97.1 W246BT Clermont on the west side and 97.1 W246CK Kissimmee serving the south […]

    • On a selective radio (like most newer car radios), 96.9 and the 97.1s shouldn’t be much of a problem unless you’re quite close to the sticks

  • Following its acquisition of Hot AC “92.9 The Boss” KOLT-FM Warren AFB/Cheyenne WY, iHeartMedia has flipped the station to AC “Star 92.9”.

    Now sporting new KYWY call letters, “Star 92.9” is running […]

  • TSJ Media has brought its Spanish CHR “Mega” programming to a fourth midwestern market.

    TSJ has launched “Mega 1310” WDTW Dearborn/Detroit in partnership with station owner Pedro Zamora to join their stations […]

  • Entercom has announced the hiring of Elroy Smith as Operations Manager/Program Director of Classic Hip-Hop “Q102.1” KRBQ and Urban AC 102.9 KBLX San Francisco.

    Smith joins Entercom San Francisco from […]

  • iHeartMedia Alternative “102.1 The Edge” KDGE Dallas has cut The Jagger Show from mornings.

    Atom Smasher, most recently at CBS Hot AC “Mix 96.5” KHMX Houston will take the morning slot on KDGE starting Monday, […]

  • iHeartMedia has rebranded Country “G105.7” WSCG Augusta GA as “105.7 The Bull” WLUB.

    Concurrently the company has launched 106.3 W292EE Augusta-Richmond County/WLUB-HD2 as Classic Country “106.3 The Bull […]

  • Station Sales
    Guy Giuliano’s DSN Radio purchases 97.9 KLTQ Beulah ND from Synergy Broadcast Group for $70,000. Giuliano began operating KLTQ via LMA in March and has flipped the station to a simulcast of Sports […]

  • Heading to Las Vegas this weekend for NAB?

    Then please join RadioInsight, Fybush Media and Radio Rescue Group for our Vegas Radio Kickoff Party this Sunday, April 17 from 8pm to 12am at our Hospitality […]

  • After purchasing a stake in Country Weekly magazine in 2014 to be part of their “NASH” Country lifestyle brand, Cumulus Media is shutting down the print version of what is now “NASH Country Weekly” after the April […]

    • Anytime I hear “country lifestyle brand,” I want to throw up. Just call NASH a brand name, or at the very least “our vision for the future of country music.” “Lifestyle brand” makes no sense, and this usage is a remnant of the Dickey’s failed plans for NASH exterior home paint, among other silly non-radio things.

      As for the story itself, this move is a no-brainer.

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