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  • Cumulus AAA 104.5 KFOG San Francisco/97.7 KFFG Los Altos CA completed its three week jockless stretch promoting the station’s “evolution” this morning.

    Now positioning itself as “Music Matters”, the new KFOG […]

    • Though I love the music, especially retaining AAA and focusing on new music like Nathaniel Ratcliff – I’m still royally pissed off by the way Annalisa, Webster, Dred, and especially Rosalie were treated like yesterday’s trash. I do like Matt Pinfield and I did Listen to his show through my murderous drive from LA to OC (via iHeart Entune in my Toyota). Sorry, but I’m still angry… so I removed KFOG from my Entune and will only listen to KFOG from time to time. Screw Cumulus – I’ve removed KABC 790 and KLOS 95.5 from all my radios (replaced with KCRW 89.9) – Thank God for noncomm radio (KCSN, KPCC HD2 ‘The Current’ and KCRW ‘Eclectic24’) Joe G

    • KFOG personifies the exact thing(s) that are so wrong, so boring, so unlistenable with terrestrial radio.

      All the fun, all the personality, all the long-term relationships that great DJ’s have built, erased. Along with the creativity, excitement and any semblance of what used to make listening to the radio fun and engaging.

      Point is, who needs it?

      Radio will go thru this period of BLAH, bottom-line programming for only so long, before it figures out (perhaps way too late) that the only thing it has over the 1000’s of options people have to listen to music, is personality and content, along with the music!

  • CBS Radio Chicago has promoted Todd Cavanah to VP/Programming for their cluster.

    Cavanah has worked at CHR “B96” 96.3 WBBM-FM since 1990 and has programmed the station since 1993. His new position will add […]

  • In addition to his new duties as morning host at Cumulus’ 104.5 KFOG San Francisco, Matt Pinfield will also anchor a new two hour evening show for Westwood One.

    “2Hours With Matt Pinfield” will be targeted to […]

  • Davis Media is selling one half of its Columbia SC operation to Radio Training Network.

    RTN has filed to purchase AAA “92.1 The Palm” WWNU Irmo from Davis for $1 million. Radio Training Network owns multiple […]

    • According to the in-market rumor mill, WWNQ (94.3) will simulcast “The Palm” for a month and then assume the AAA programming.

  • iHeartMedia debuted Spanish Christian “Alma 97.1” on a pair of Orlando area translators.

    The new programming is being heard on 97.1 W246BT Clermont on the west side and 97.1 W246CK Kissimmee serving the south […]

    • On a selective radio (like most newer car radios), 96.9 and the 97.1s shouldn’t be much of a problem unless you’re quite close to the sticks

  • Following its acquisition of Hot AC “92.9 The Boss” KOLT-FM Warren AFB/Cheyenne WY, iHeartMedia has flipped the station to AC “Star 92.9”.

    Now sporting new KYWY call letters, “Star 92.9” is running […]

  • TSJ Media has brought its Spanish CHR “Mega” programming to a fourth midwestern market.

    TSJ has launched “Mega 1310” WDTW Dearborn/Detroit in partnership with station owner Pedro Zamora to join their stations […]

  • Entercom has announced the hiring of Elroy Smith as Operations Manager/Program Director of Classic Hip-Hop “Q102.1” KRBQ and Urban AC 102.9 KBLX San Francisco.

    Smith joins Entercom San Francisco from […]

  • iHeartMedia Alternative “102.1 The Edge” KDGE Dallas has cut The Jagger Show from mornings.

    Atom Smasher, most recently at CBS Hot AC “Mix 96.5” KHMX Houston will take the morning slot on KDGE starting Monday, […]

  • iHeartMedia has rebranded Country “G105.7” WSCG Augusta GA as “105.7 The Bull” WLUB.

    Concurrently the company has launched 106.3 W292EE Augusta-Richmond County/WLUB-HD2 as Classic Country “106.3 The Bull […]

  • Station Sales
    Guy Giuliano’s DSN Radio purchases 97.9 KLTQ Beulah ND from Synergy Broadcast Group for $70,000. Giuliano began operating KLTQ via LMA in March and has flipped the station to a simulcast of Sports […]

  • Heading to Las Vegas this weekend for NAB?

    Then please join RadioInsight, Fybush Media and Radio Rescue Group for our Vegas Radio Kickoff Party this Sunday, April 17 from 8pm to 12am at our Hospitality […]

  • After purchasing a stake in Country Weekly magazine in 2014 to be part of their “NASH” Country lifestyle brand, Cumulus Media is shutting down the print version of what is now “NASH Country Weekly” after the April […]

    • Anytime I hear “country lifestyle brand,” I want to throw up. Just call NASH a brand name, or at the very least “our vision for the future of country music.” “Lifestyle brand” makes no sense, and this usage is a remnant of the Dickey’s failed plans for NASH exterior home paint, among other silly non-radio things.

      As for the story itself, this move is a no-brainer.

  • CBS Executive Chairman/CEO Les Moonves discussed the company’s plans to spin-off the company’s radio properties during an interview on Broadcast Company of America’s Sports “Mighty 1090” XEPRS Tijuana/San Diego on […]

    • This is looking more and more comparable to the separation of Viacom and CBS in 2005. The lone connecting link between the two companies was nonagenarian Sumner Redstone and his National Amusements firm, otherwise, they emerged as two separate and distinct companies.

      CBS is effectively splitting itself in two with this move. Outside of extended partnerships between the TV O&Os and the spoken word radio outlets, there’s not going to be that much in common between the two, if anything.

  • iHeartMedia flipped Rhythmic AC “98.1 Kiss-FM” KISQ San Francisco to Soft AC “98.1 The Breeze” at 2pm this afternoon.

    Launching with Commodores “Easy”, the new format positions KISQ up against Entercom AC 96.5 […]

  • Centennial Broadcasting flipped Country simulcast “B105” 104.9 WZFC Strasburg/105.5 WXBN Berryville VA to Classic Country at 5:00pm on Tuesday.

    Now positioned as “True Country B105”, the station is focusing on […]

    • They seem to be emulating 96.9 WSIG down the valley in Harrisonburg, which positions as “Real Country” and does a similar new/mainly classic mix.

  • After a previous deal to merge with Aruba Capital Holdings and Port Broadcasting to create Coastal Media Partners failed to close, Garrison City Broadcasting is selling AC “98.7 The Bay” WBYY […]

  • As Cumulus AAA 104.5 KFOG San Francisco/97.7 KFFG Los Altos CA prepares to launch its “evolution” on April 20, the station has announced the hiring of Matt Pinfield for mornings.

    Pinfield, best known as the […]

    • The big and only question here is can Pinfeld lure younger listeners to KFOG and does the success that Pinfeld had at other places translate to attracting new talent to KFOG?

      • I’ve never understood Matt Pinfield’s appeal. I always got the impression he was on MTV because he was located across the river from NYC rather than any innate ability to entertain. But that is my opinion. But he’s definitely not a household name to anyone younger than their 40’s. Perhaps KFOG will be nostalgia for Gen X’ers?

    • Would have been a good hire 10 or 15 years ago but this will not move the needle. If this means more of the same in other ways, look for a snooty KFOG to languish on and continue to satisfy a small group of 45+ listeners.

    • I like and respect Matt Pinfield, and he is an ideal host for Flashback, but I question if this is really a wise move for KFOG. The real question is just how much of a change is going to happen at that station? Are they planning on doing a hybrid AAA/classic rock mix? That sort of works for a college station, but maybe not so much for a legendary station like 104.5. Time will tell if this was a wise move, but personally, I have my doubts.

    • An Alternative leaning AAA? That has potential….

  • Empire Broadcasting has announced it will flip News 1590 KLIV San Jose CA to Classic Country in the coming weeks.

    The new 1980s/1990s Country format will create a flanker for sister Country 95.3 KRTY. KLIV will […]

    • Uh, so what do the people in San Jose do for news from a local station then? Yeah, I know that San Francisco isn’t all that far away, but it seemed like 1590 was a news/talk station for at least 25 years or so, and now they go country? I don’t understand the reason for doing this.

      • From reading the article, it was purely a financial move. Kieve has lost money on it every year since the beginning of the operation, and him, being in his 90’s is looking at the financial health of the properties for whomever he turns them over to.

        That’s the reasoning.

        • I’m surprised about this? KLIV had issues to begin with from the fact that KCBS-AM had high ratings and a bigger budget to run an all news station to dealing with the fact that people north of the San Mateo Bridge cannot get KLIV. Also the KCBS staff is way larger than any of the KLIV staff ever was for news. Also they had to deal with KGO-AM at one point beating them in the books. Its the same issue really KQED hold the market on the News/Talk format and KCBS hold the market of the all News format.

    • I still do not understand why everyone considers Classic Country to be 1980 through 2000, IMHO it should be 1955 to 1975, the real country music years and the greatest songs and legends performing them.

      • Exactly! Couldn’t agree more. If I listen to classic country, I want it to be country before 1979. From 1980 on, it’s aged, to be sure, but it’s not really classic in my mind, but more like a modern oldie.

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