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    What you’ve asked — “can you blame radio for going where the money is?” — leads to what is basically an existential crisis for the business.

    Having paid too much for stations, cut staffing and eliminated marketing and research for the benefit of debt service and quarterly targets means that no, you can’t blame them for going where the money…[Read more]

    • When has radio NOT gone where the money is? RKO General did not hire Bill Drake out of a desire to serve the public. If your station doesn’t make money, you go off the air.

      The long term strategy is to evolve into digital with your audience. But you can’t pay the bills on digital alone today so you need your broadcast properties to perform.

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    If by “gold standard” you mean “nice people with big voices able to read Bob Neil’s inane liner cards.”

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    The advantage that EMF has that allows them to be totally network for K-Love and Air1 is that they don’t have to worry about ratings. Outside of the majors, national buys aren’t a huge money-maker.

    In theory, if the networks still do local imaging, it could work. If not, there is one huge problem in non-PPM markets. Dial position remains far…[Read more]

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