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  • The parameters of WHLK (the Lake) Cleveland, iHeart’s successful Adult Hits station, are pretty much what you’d expect for the format, especially with a Classic Hits station next door. The bulk of the music is in […]

    • Notice that Majic played Meat Loaf’s I’d Do Anything for Love (from 1993!)

    • Interesting article. Regarding, “iHeart itself gave up the successful WODC (which still used the word Oldies) for Adult Hits a year ago. “: WODC didn’t segue straight from 60/70s (using the word Oldies) to Adult Hits. Instead, it spent 2015 as “933ODC,” an 80s/70s/90s (no 60s) Classic Hits format that no longer called itself Oldies.

      Also of note is that Columbus is one of those (presumably uncommon) markets which now has two Adult Hits, as Jack-FM has remained since iHeart switched WODC to the Adult Hits “Bus.” Actually, one could say it was *three* Adult Hits there for awhile, since Saga’s WNND, Rewind, seemed at least as much Adult Hits as Classic Hits with its 80s/70s/90s format. But a couple months ago Rewind switched to 70s/80s/60s to fill the more-traditional Classic Hits void.

      • Traverse City, MI has at least two classic hits stations. It could have a third, and it does have a classic hits station:
        94.3 WFCX/92.5 WFDX “The Fox FM” (variety hits – 80s/90s)
        101.9 WLDR “101.9 the Bay” (AC, but leans variety hits at times)
        104.5 WZTC “104-5 Bob FM” (variety hits – 80s/90s/2000s)
        107.5 WCCW “107-5 CCW” (classic hits – 70s/80s, some late 60s)

        94.3/92.5 is the only one to cover most of the market.

  • Okay, technically, August 20 is National Radio Day. But format watchers already have their national holidays — Labor Day, Memorial Day, and the 12 days of Christmas (or the 12 or so days that follow C […]

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    Thought I’d add some of the other Facebook comments that continued to roll in after this was published:

    “I change Kid Rock’s ‘All Summer Long’ the instant I realize it’s not ‘Werewolves of London.’” – Guy Paul Larrivee

    “On the other hand, I like ‘All Summer Long,’ the instant I realize it is not ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’” – Don Beno

    “A…[Read more]

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    Some other comments that came in directly from readers:

    Chris Rollins heard another “now it’s obvious” steal in “Another Brick In The Wall.” “The drumline is pure ‘December 1963 (Oh What a Night) by the Four Seasons,” he writes. Listen to the drumming at 1:24 on the Pink Floyd single and then to the intro of the Seasons’ 1976 hit.

    Eric Norb…[Read more]

  • Sean Ross posted a new activity comment 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    A few other comments that came to me directly:

    “It was sappy ballads from Neil, Babs, and Barry, with ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ and ‘Start Me Up’ burnt to a crisp because there was nothing else to play. Stars on 45 works only because there was little else in the energy category.” — Adam Jacobson

    “Any article that lists ‘Breaking Away’ by Balance and…[Read more]

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