101.1 FM Finally Sold

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    With More FM being sold–a sign of the apocalypse–let the speculation begin 🙂

    More FM, WOGL, and 96.5 have some overlap of audience. More FM and WOGL are proven moneymakers with enough difference in their programming to be safe, but there’s no way 96.5 stays the way they are. I also don’t see them going CHR, as that failed on that frequency before.

    So what could they flip to, if they do indeed flip? What hole is there in the market that can make money?

    An FM political talker? A second country station to compete with XTU (I don’t see it happening)? An active rock station to compete with MMR and Radio 104.5?

    I have no idea–what about you?


    The big buzz and will be the new format if they do flip is Country…


    Shelly Easton, PD of Wxtu will be staying with Entercom. Supposedly Entercom might flip Wtdy to Country!

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