104.1 Trenton no longer JJZ

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    The translator is airing their 106.1 breakthrough radio HD2 feed. Also they just announced they’re now on 102.5 in center city. When did that get turned on?


    102.5 is using a tower across from Rittenhouse square which signed on last week with a monster signal.  Breakthrough is carried on WDAS 105.3 HD2 not WISX 106.1 HD2 which still carries the Smooth Jazz JJZ format, the main feed is supplied by WDAS AM 1480 to both FM signals.


    You’re correct. I forgot it’s on 105.3 HD2. The 104.1 translator by the Mercer County Airport has been more clearer with better range as of lately with less interference from B-104. I got it pretty loud and clear toward Bensalem the other day but dies right down 29 into Titusville.


    Radio locator doesn’t do 102.5’s coverage area justice, they get out further west and east then specified.  The stereo separation and clarity is also really good, I heard a tune by the Monkees today and you could of cut out each channel on Daydream believer, vocals or instruments.  They also added many RDS features, a real decent operation..


    I’m thinking that Breakthrough Radio will be short lived now that 102.5 is on. It might have been a good deal to monetize 1480 and 105.3-HD2, but now CHoP is getting a hell of a deal with the translators. Maybe the contract will expire after a year and after that, the format would be changed.

    If Real 106.1 fails I could see it moving to the translators

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