105.7 flips to Classic Rock

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    Something along these lines would be incredible:



    Maybe I’ll give QTT another try. I took 1270 off my presets after the format switch (but kept 96.7 for when I go up that way and happen to flip over). Any fresh take is welcome. The deeper the playlist, the better.

    I took 105.7 off my presets Friday and put 93.3 back on after a few years. I’ll put it back on in the fall if they keep the Bengals games, which I was told by a friend in the know will indeed be the case. Was told the Indians’ fate is to be determined.

    On a side note, I prefer WQTT’s playlist over all the classic rockers in town. I’ve been hearing music that I haven’t heard in years like April Wine, etc. It’s too bad they are half pirates at the moment with their mysterious call letters for 96.7…
    Been listening to the stream a lot for a couple days, and couldn’t agree more.  They play some great stuff from the 80s, 70s (and even a little 60s) that I haven’t heard on local Classic Rockers for years.  Sometimes a little, sometimes quite a bit.


    They’re still having terrestrial issues though. Their STL often fades in and out with buffering type sounds and minutes of silence. I’ve notified whoever runs their Facebook page and they say “they are working on it.”


    I’d probably start with being honest with the FCC though…


    I have noticed STL issues with 1270/96.7 and the 95.1 side of WMNI quite a bit lately. Even if 95.1 sounds bad, 920 sounds just fine (well, other than the mono AM sound).

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