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    I would like to get your thoughts on 106.1 The Breeze. What do you like about the station, what don’t you like about it, etc..


    Like most “Breeze” stations, the songs played are often 25-30 or more years apart. The eras are way too different and broad.

    Who the heck who loves, for example, Maroon 5, and also likes a late 70’s/80’s pop/AC tune??? That’s insane. Rarely does a listener in her/his 20’s love the same music as a person in their mid-late 40’s+.

    Who programs these stations? And radio wonders why it’s in the financial trouble the industry is in. With enough challenges it has on the advertising revenue side with competition from the web, then they announce this hot new format and it sounds like a moron picked the music at random. IMHO.


    That’s a bit of an over generalization. The idea that an audience can’t like acts of the 70s/80s and today is false.


    That’s a bit of an over generalization. The idea that an audience can’t like acts of the 70s/80s and today is false.

    It’s all in how you segue the songs. The national iHeart “Breeze” feed (which was recently relayed on a suburban translator in the Cleveland market as a stunting phase, oddly enough, at 106.1 FM) had quite a few segues that felt more like train wrecks.

    Going from Maroon 5 to Air Supply to late-90s Madonna at face value is a Very Bad Idea®. You could include those acts and eras in a format, but it takes effort and programmers at the station level to weave those genres and make them listenable. And iHeart took the station programmers out of the equation a decade ago.

    Recorded in Ultra Stereo, the ultimately superior cousin to Normal Stereo!



    Time will tell –Eastern or Pacific — if the venture is a good do-able one.

    Or if it’s a Baskin-Robbins flavour of the month.

    There’s a station up and out in these parts called Hanna-FM (main signal on 92.3).   It’s a wonderful car radio station.  WHNA plays tunes that stretch across decades more far-flung than a song list from the late 70’s to 2000.   And they all seem to be up-tempo tunes.

    Hair-band hits … straight pop …. disco hits …. oldies (Neil Diamond ?!?) …. the flippin’ SUNSHINE Company …. BAD company …. The Rascals:   They’re a wonderful musical listen,   and sounding very slick and very confident.

    Perhaps a Breeze-like format could work well and comfortably.   You know — ‘the station everyone at work can agree is better than nothing’.    Or maybe it is a one-off experiment,  probably aimed at 45-55 to see how high the 6+ digits tally and the effectiveness of the bulk of its appeal — the older demos — winds up.





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