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    Looks like Bellefontaine and surrounding areas has a new classic rock station. They started out airing WBLL AM, then flipped to Christmas music, and now Classic Rock. According to their Facebook Page, it’s here to stay.

    I guess I was under the assumption that it was part of the AM Revitalization. If it is, can they legally do this? As of right now, 98.3 WPKO is still a Mix station, and WBLL AM is still news as far as I can tell.

    Classic Rock is a nice format for that area considering it’s difficult to receive Columbus’ or Lima’s rock stations, especially West of town.



    After further research, it appears the 107.3 is relaying 98.3’s HD2 signal. I did not know that WPKO was operating in HD.



    How’s the signal? I know we’ve discussed in the past how the hills east of Bellefontaine can really hurt the signals going east. 98.3 is basically directional for that reason. I know you can hear the Lima stations in Bellefontaine, but other than T102 none of them are strong, and all except T102 die once you cross the ridge heading toward Columbus.



    Lately, I’ve been picking up T102 all the way down 33 to Dublin. I was getting it in the Clintonville area in my work van. What benefits T102 is the fact that their HAAT is 1059 feet.

    107.3 actually comes in quite well. The western edge of Union county seems to be the best, but I’ve received it as far as 33 and 42. It comes in decent in Marysville except for around tall buildings. The 250 watts just can’t penetrate. What is funny is that after flipping between 98.3 and 107.3 in the Marysville area, 107.3 seems to come in better. That may have to do with WINF Delaware being at 98.5 and interfering.

    The format is good too!



    I was in the area visiting family over the Holidays and picked it up in Springfield with a fairly strong signal.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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