1140 unknown station

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    So, with some time to sit and relax i grabbed a random portable off the shelf (Panasonic R-1551) and began dialing around for some informal dx’ing.

    Picked up a country station on 870 under usual WHCU around 11:45pm local time, which identified as “96.3 The Possum”, apparently it’s a daytimer out of eastern TN on late. (WPWT) 1st time i’ve grabbed them, cool.

    Been sitting on 1140 for the better part of an hour now with WRVA nulled, picking up two other signals. First one is what sounds like a Christian Contemporary music station. Very weak and long fade ups and outs, automated with no ID being able to be copied. Anybody have a guess? Second one was what sounded like public radio with typical overnight British accented fare. Also very weak and it only faded up a couple of times. There used to be a CBC station in Nova Scotia on that channel with a very big null towards our location at night, but they’ve long since migrated to FM. No idea where that could’ve been out of.  Pretty rare to hear anything on 1140 after Warsaw NY signs off, other than Virginia or occasionally Cuba.
    Any answers would be appreciated!

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