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    What are the so called new owners going to do with this trainwreck.  I do enjoy hearing a variety of music on the AM band from disturbed to imagine dragons to lady ga ga to a variety of country artists.  I guess they are the real BEN playing anything they want, but how long can it last…


    Is this the 1360 owned by John Forsyth licensed to Washington TNSP, NJ?  If so, I thought they were brokered?

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    that’s the one but from what I heard, he sold it in the summer, since then, all the brokered programs are gone and its all over the place music wise, since then.


    Forsythe STILL owns it…there is currently no application pending with the Commission…trainwreck is kind…tick…tick…tick…what a terrible waste of a frequency where it could and should be so much better…


    It seems every time I tune them in, they are some sort of Hispanic format, never heard any other theme…

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