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    Jim Slade

    My Spanish is pretty limited but WFLL seems to be carrying Glades Media’s Radio Fiesta 1380 WWRF out of Lake Worth. Sounds like FLL found a suitor (or perhaps just an operator like with WFTL/WMEN)



    mike n ike

    In the interest of getting this Miami board moving again . . . . WFLL 1400 is officially on the block:

    This is cut n’ pasted from it’s listing — (sorry, forgot the broker/the link)

    WFLL – 1400AM / 107.1FM
    Huge Signal- AM, with FM translator serving Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, FL market
    Broadcasting to the 11th ranked radio market. This market has over 4.5M residents and the station has a powerful signal to several outside areas. $1.1M

    This Station (WFLL 1400AM and W296DK 107.1FM)
    WFLL 1400AM is a station in transition. After losing its tower in a hurricane, the station received a Construction Permit to diplex with Multicultural’s WEXY 1520AM at a centrally located site in Broward County. The diplex construction project was completed this summer.

    WFLL is licensed to Ft. Lauderdale and is authorized to broadcast a non-directional 1,000 watt signal day and night using one of WEXY’s two towers. The WFLL transmitter is a new solid state Nautel. WFLL 1400AM’s new transmission facility provides excellent day and night coverage of Broward County, northern Dade County, and southern Palm Beach County; some of Florida’s most densely populated and wealthiest communities. There are over 4 million permanent residents living within WFLL’s 0.5 mV/m contour, 2.1 million within its 2.0 mV/m, and 1.3 million within its “City Grade” 5.0 mV/m contour. The nearest 1400 kHz co-channel station is more than 100 miles north of WFLL in Ft. Pierce.

    As part of the recent “AM Revitalization Act,” WFLL contracted to purchase an FM translator which will be moved to Ft. Lauderdale to rebroadcast the AM programming. W296DK will transmit a slightly directional pattern with 99 watts on 107.1 MHz from a height of 384’ on a TV tower near the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. The translator’s 60dBu contour will cover over 750,000 permanent residents with a listenable signal extending from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami Beach. The translator CP expires March 21, 2018.

    The AM/FM combo is being offered for sale with no program or employee agreements and no advertising contracts. There is also no studio lease or studio equipment. The buyer will need to provide its own studios. It will be a “clean slate” on 1400AM/107.1FM to program and operate in any form the new owner desires. WFLL-AM will be delivered at closing as a fully-diplexed and licensed facility. The tower lease is $4,200 per month with an initial 5-year term and two additional 5-year options.
    W296DK will be sold as a Construction Permit. The buyer will be responsible for building out the translator CP and negotiating the tower lease. The 1400AM / 107.1FM assets are being offered for sale for $1,100,000 cash at closing.


    Remember, Jorgensen paid 5.5 million for those old JCR properties about two years ago. Now, WFLL is selling for 1.1 million and will cost 4,200 a month for the tower lease.  This seems to be the going rate for these dead AMs: Jorgenson got 1.5 million for KXBD 1480 in Dallas (which, the last I heard, the new owners already went dark/trying to sell the station). Also notice the NEW translator at 107.1–this is after failed attempts to translate on 93.5/100.3, which were blocked by JVC and Robinson Radio (Legends 100.3).


    At https://www.fcc.gov/media/radio/silent-am-list

    You’ll notice that  WFLL – FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – 7/30/2017 – 67812, is on the list, BUT I also noticed that JVC’s “other” old property, which Radio Actualidad — WLVJ — KENDALL, FL — 1/20/2017 — 3607 — bought, then moved/flipped with 1020 AM is dark since January! Anyone know the deets on why that happened and is that up for sale as well?


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