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    John Unrath

    I was in ABQ and had a chance to take a quick look around the dial. 1550 is back on the air, after being silent for about 6 months (by my guess) but …. they are simulcasting 1510 AM (Smooth Jazz) which also has a 103.7 translator. So that configuration is two AM and one FM. Probably temporary though.

    On the other hand, 1240 AM (KDSK in ABQ) is simulcasting on two translators (91.9 and 93.7) so that is the reverse case.

    And now that they have a translator, KKOB bills itself as ‘94.5 FM and 770 AM’. So far have the 50kw flamethrowers fallen.



    I have heard a number of stations that no longer even refer to the AM signal.


    K.M. Richards

    1550 is back on the air because the STA to remain silent is about to expire and if they didn’t resume operation by the one year anniversary of the original suspension of operation the FCC would automatically delete the license.

    Knowing what I know from what was happening there right before they went silent and the fact that the sale to IHR was approved today, the simulcast with KOAZ is only to protect the station license until the sale is consummated. You’ll know when that happens because 1550 will be going religious. Catholic, to be specific.

    K.M. Richards, Creator of "The Eighties Channel"



    Guessing you’ll get a chance to work with another station in that cluster soon…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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