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    Andy Taylor

    Anyone know anything about another “Bay” coming to 98.5  in Portland? There’s already one that can be picked up in York county at 98.7.



    Is it possible that Saga may change WBAE 1490/107.1 (translator)

    to a “Bay”? That’s not a 98.5–there is a 98.5 country station in Augusta area I think

    A post on radiodiscussions by radionewengland says:

    Saga Bringing Bay Back To Portland ME – RadioInsight content?
    Is this true…could WBAE Maine’s Talk Radio be shifting back to adult standards? They have a pretty strong translator on 107.1.

    Any ‘exclusive’ insights?


    Andy Taylor

    Saga PRG has applied for another translator on 98.5.This is all unofficial rumor that WGAN 560 is moving to that translator from the 105.5 translator. The Bay rumor could be 1490/107.1 as they haven’t replaced Imus yet. Hugh Hewitt is on from 6am to noon.



    The 98.5 CP is attached to 560, so whatever 560 runs, that’s what has to be on 98.5, WGAN’s current FM, 105.5 is being fed by WMGX’s HD 2 channel, so in theory they could move WGAN’s FM to 98.5 & change 105.5/WMGX-HD2 to adult standards & keep the talk on 1490/107.1 or vice versa.

    Don’t read in to anything about them not replacing Imus, stations can cut ties with shows fairly quickly & with as many talk stations as there are in Portland, I’m not surprised if they haven’t found a permanent replacement. This is what happens when a syndicator pulls a show and offers nothing to replace it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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