2 Mid-Hudson Valley AM Stations Apply for 107.9 Translator

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    Warren Hodges Jr

    Both 950 WHVW Hyde Park, owned by Joseph Ferrao and 1490 WKNY, Kingston-being purchased by Radio Kingston corp. have applied for a translator on 107.9. Given their proximity to each other and considerable overlap on their proposed coverage maps they are likely headed to a MX auction.
    The supply of available frequencies in the area is very limited.



    Would be kinda cool to hear WHVW on the FM band but would also be nice if they picked a format and stuck with it.

    If not 107.9 maybe 96.5 or 95.3 could be used? Your right the FM band is really getting pretty  jammed up with all these translators

    Ideally I believe boosting height and power of all class B and especially class A stations would have been a better option.


    Warren Hodges Jr

    both frequencies you mentioned may have second adjacent issues. 96.5- 96.1 WPKF & 96.9 WRRB both Poughkeepsie.
    95.3- has first adjacent WRKI out in a big class B station Brookfield CT and second adjacent 95.7 W239BL relaying WEOK both of Poughkeepsie. However there has been a anti-government pirate on 95.3 for a few years that nobody seem concerned enough to do anything about. They are fairly low powered and only cover parts of the Poughkeepsie area.
    As far as increasing the power of all class A &B stations, I think, about the only thing they will get is a bigger electric bill Higher power can increase coverage area in theory, but if they all or even many do it it will increase the chatter at night negating the gain.
    I remember back when 1450 WKIP was permitted to increase their nighttime power from 250 watts to 1KW the same as their day power. They made a big deal about it feeling much more powerful. I live in Hyde Park . The chatter starts to interfere just north of my home. With other stations in the same class being allowed the same increase,there was no discernible improvement in their coverage.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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