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    Since no one has posted any topics for quite a while, let me tell you that I am the first person since three months ago that I have posted this topic. This one pertains to my predictions that I have made for the NEPA radio scene. And here they are…

    1. Yankees signs a deal with WARM Sportsradio to broadcast all of their games.

    2. Either WICK or some other station(possibly Rock 107 or Fuzz 92.1) will have the rights to NY Giants games(Since NEPA is within the Eagles territory, there are other fans who are rooting for the Giants, since Scranton and NY are two hours apart, just like the Yankees, that’s why we have a minor league baseball team that is afflilated with the Bronx Bombers.

    3. Max 102 will at some point flip to AC, competing with market leader Magic 93(Reason I brought this idea up is because of recent changes within the landscape, like a low-rated CHR station being flipped in favor of AC down the PA turnpike in Philly, competing with their market leading AC there).

    4. Entercom using their HD sidebands to launch their new format on the new translators, just like the ones across the country.

    5. Family Life expanding their signal, possibly buying another frequency somewhere in the area, and auctioning off one of their translators.

    So these are my predictions that would possibly happen this year.


    Curt Schwarzwalder

    My initial thought would be that they would spin off Max 102 (WMQX) as it has lower ratings than the others, but an article in All Access lists Froggy 101 (WGGY).  Max and WILK are diplexed in Entercom’s back yard, while Froggy’s transmitter is miles away- that could be a factor.



    Curt Schwarzwalder

    On second look, Entercom would only have to spin off the ‘Froggy’ simulcast class A in Columbia County, WGGI 95.9 in Benton.  So, yeah, that’s it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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