2019 Christmas Radio in Albany

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    Might 103.9 the Breeze join in for all-Christmas this year, alongside B95.5 and 98.3 WTRY? Could a station use Christmas music as a prelude to a post-Christmas format change?

    Could the Albany market support three all-Christmas stations though? I don’t see all three of 103.9, B95 and TRY going Christmas though


    Not quite yet. Many of the stations in the Hudson Valley and Albany are getting to the Christmas mode. We’re not quite ready yet. I have a list of stations that are going all-Christmas this year:

    1. WRNQ’s “Q92.1” is going to go all-Christmas by mid-November, and then, WTRY-FM’s “98.3 TRY” are also going all-Christmas as well.
    2. WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” is going all Christmas starting Friday December 20th and runs through Christmas Day, December 25th.
    3. WGNY’s “Fox Oldies” is going all-Christmas for two days starting Tuesday December 24th which is Christmas Eve at noon, and goes all the way to Christmas Day which is December 25th at midnight.
    4. There are streaming apps to play your holiday music this year. There’s iHeartRadio where is currently running “iHeart Christmas”, and on TuneIn, there’s “Sky Radio Christmas” from the Netherlands where they are playing all Christmas music including many forgotten ones as well.


    WTRY website looks like maybe the 15th.  B95.5 tends to follow quickly.

    Up here in Glens Falls, WEZF-92.9-Burlington switches on Nov. 22nd.


    103.9 the Breeze has already gone Christmas as of November 1… beating 98.3 TRY and B95 to it by two or more weeks


    103.9 the Breeze has already gone Christmas as of November 1… beating 98.3 TRY and B95 to it by two or more weeks

    Thanks for the update. “The Breeze” is the first station to go all-Christmas, other stations in Albany and the Hudson Valley has gone all-Christmas yet. See schedule above.


    As you probably know, that WRNQ’s “Q92” is the first HV station that went all-Christmas this past Friday. I heard it yesterday when I was on my way home, they’re playing Christmas music as well. Not sure about WTRY-FM’s “98.3 TRY” going into all-Christmas mode yet. I’ll check the iHeartRadio app and find out.


    As of yesterday, WTRY-FM’s “98.3 TRY” went all-Christmas and they are going to compete with “The Breeze” at 103.9 since it was first station in Albany to go all-Christmas since November 1st. And also, WRNQ’s “Q92” in the Hudson Valley already went all-Christmas as of last week. That makes it up to three stations. And down in NYC, WLTW’s “Lite-FM” finally went all-Christmas as of 5PM last week where Cubby Bryant kicked off the format where he did a live broadcast from Radio City Music Hall featuring the Rockettes. That’s makes it a total of 4 all-Christmas stations. And on Long Island, WELJ and WALK went all-Christmas as of last night. Overall, it gives us a total of 6 Christmas stations. This is going to be a waste of time. How many Christmas stations in the Hudson Valley, Albany, NYC, and Long Island do we need? They’re going to hurt other Christmas stations as well.

    Here’s an update on stations that goes all-Christmas. WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” is going all-Christmas starting Friday December 20th and goes all the way to December 25th at midnight Christmas Day, and it will be there for 4 days. And then, WGNY-FM “Fox Oldies” is going all-Christmas starting December 24th at noon and goes all the away to December 25th at midnight which will be Christmas Day for two days, and then, WKNY is going all-Christmas starting at 10 AM and goes all the way to midnight on Christmas Day for 2 days. WBPM is going all-Christmas, but no date has been announced yet, and in addition, a special holiday programming called “Celebration of the Season” hosted by Tandy Turner (aka Randy Turnip) will be on this Christmas, and it will play nothing but Christmas novelty songs and comedy bits including Bob Rivers, Stan Freberg, Mel Blanc, and lots more from the days of Dr. Demento.

    We’ll keep you posted on that ASAP.


    B95 still not Christmas as of this writing at 7pm on November 16, wonder if they’re waiting until around December 1 this year or not doing it this year


    B95.5 commonly follows WTRY immediately, so check daily now.

    Meanwhile, a surprise in the North country (Saratoga northward). WJJR-98.1fm-Rutland just went all Christmas.   And WEZF-92.9fm-Burlington launches on Friday afternoon.


    As of this week, WBPM is going all-Christmas for about a hour which comes on at 10 AM with JJ Carter, and 3 PM with Randy Turner (aka Randy Turnip).

    On the other station, WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” is going all-Christmas this weekend, and it will continue until Christmas Day.

    And once again, WGNY’s “Fox Oldies” is going all-Christmas next week from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, nothing but Christmas music for 2 days.


    As of 12AM this morning, WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” went all-Christmas, and the first song was “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by Andy Williams played after midnight according to TuneGenie. Everything for the first few hours playing nothing but Christmas music.

    WGNY’s “Fox Oldies” is next.


    Just to give you an update, A few HV stations are going all-Christmas starting today.

    WGNY-FM’s “Fox Oldies” is going all-Christmas from 12PM Christmas Eve, and it will run until 12AM Christmas Day

    WKNY is also going all-Christmas, and it will be run from 10AM Christmas Eve and it will run until 12AM Christmas Day.

    And finally, WBPM is going all-Christmas from 3PM Christmas Eve and it will continue right up until 6PM Christmas Day.

    And that complete’s all of the Christmas programming on these stations. Good luck!

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