90.7 Lewiston, Maine New Station or Pirate??

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    Sunday September 23rd. Picking up an unknown station on 90.7 FM in Lewiston, Maine. New Translator or Pirate? Did not hear any local id, or local ads. National ads though.

    I coult  not find any info on the usual databases. Even checked New Hampshire in case it was from the Conway/Mount Washington area. Wikipedia is woefully outdated, and local stations websites have no information.


    As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly


    update: I evidently forgot to mention that the station was playing ESPN radio.

    On September 30th, did another scan; station was playing music, amongst songs heard, “Your Having My Baby ” by Paul Anka; before I lost signal.


    As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly


    Did a search on the advanced feature of radio-locator. Even expanded it to Include Fringe Stations. No sign of a 90.7.

    Since you said you heard ads, ESPN etc I wonder if it was somebody using an FM transmitter to rebroadcast to their house or car?

    A translator for a commercial station would probably not be in the 88-91.9 band but who knows.

    National ads only? If it were a local station maybe they were just running off satellite and nobody was there to fire in ads.


    Could it be someone with an old satellite receiver that has an FM modulator?

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