Air1 on 103.7 and off 92.7 in Cleveland?

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    Timothy Blanks

    Not sure if this is a permanent thing but Air 1 is playing its Christian music on 103.7 and no longer heard on 92.7 from my Cleveland location.


    Crazy Monkey

    The FCC database still shows a construction permit for 92.7 to move from downtown Cleveland to Parma. I’m assuming Air1 wants to increase their coverage area in Cleveland and its suburbs. Right now as much as I’m aware of, 92.7 is broadcasting from near downtown Cleveland, and their antenna height certainly can’t make it very far inland. I certainly get no sign of 92.7 in Akron, but yet I can receive 103.7 WAYYYYY farther away. 103.7 is listenable in my car radio in most of the Akron area.

    The FCC database shows a much improved 60 dBu contour for 92.7’s new construction permit…

    By the way, don’t forget that they also have a translator on 90.9 near the highest point in Summit County (Richfield), licensed to Hinckley. But at only 9 watts, it doesn’t go very far. It seems to be directional toward the north… Strongsville and surrounding areas.

    They also have a K-Love translator in Akron which I swear is directional toward the northeast, but the FCC database shows it as non-directional. These EMF translators don’t always seem to match the FCC database coverage contours.

    Does anyone know if EMF is optimizing the coverage in certain directions despite the fact that the FCC shows the licenses as non-directional?


    Scott Fybush

    Pretty much every FM signal is at least slightly directional in real life. It’s not uncommon for a full-power “ND” signal to be at least somewhat optimized in the real world to serve a particular target direction better. Stations that are licensed directionally are required to fill a certain percentage (80% for full-power signals, IIRC) of the DA “envelope.” I would not be at all surprised to find out EMF is doing something similar with its translators.


    michael p

    Last night 92.7 was not heard in my car in Brecksville. I stayed tuned to 92.7 until the signal came in, it was at the Pleasant Valley Rd. exit ramp on I-77 North. If they moved to Parma you would have thought that I could have heard them in Brecksville. Heck I picked them up in Mentor on Sr. 2 last month! They must still be in Downtown Cleveland.

    Where is this 103.7 transmitter located?


    michael p

    Another thing about 92.7, there are dropouts on their audio. It’s probably the poor reception of WKDD’s HD2 signal at the Downtown Cleveland tower site. That should improve if and when they move to Parma. I don’t believe they made the move yet due to my reception issues. 92.7 signal drops out by the time I reach Wallings Rd. @ Broadview. Fortunately their 90.9 signal is good up there, it is not receivable much further north.



    103.7 was off the air at the beginning of the week as I picked up Star 104 out of Erie, PA instead.  92.7 was on the air with Air 1.



    103.7 is back on the air.  Just heard them last week.

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