Albany AM's Go Silent

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    Big news reported by Radio Insight today. Empire Broadcasting has silenced 1240 WPTR, Schenectady, 1160 WAIX, Mechanicville amd WABY, Watervliet. I’m glad to see this as now there’s hope that one or more of these stations will come back on using a better format than “the X” with one of Empire’s pending translators. It’s a long shot but perhaps with the right publicity David Allen and company may return.


    106.1 is also silent, but the web site is still there.

    Exciting stuff. I’d like to see Saratoga have a station again, it would have a local monopoly.



    106.1 is also silent, but the web site is still there.

    Exciting stuff. I’d like to see Saratoga have a station again, it would have a local monopoly.

    So does WABY. I went to “The X” site and it streams nothing. No stream at all. I missed WABY when it was an oldies station than WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5”, WGNY-FM’s “Fox Oldies” and WLNG, among other competitors.


    That 106.1 translator may be the most valuable of the Empire stations.  WOFX is putting one on 95.9, too bad this shutdown did not happen earlier, they could have bought it. There is also the religious broadcaster WHAZ AM 1330, 1000/49 that might be able to use this. And what about WGDJ, 80 watts on 98.7, higher power on 106.1?  WAIX 1160 ganged with the new 93.3 applied for to go on the site on West Av. in Saratoga Springs right by where AM 900 used to be and become a station oriented towards Saratoga Springs, forget trying to serve immediate capital district.  900 and 1240 could be ganged together for another format, perhaps bring back CBS sports radio recently dropped by Pamal? I am sure there are other possibilities as well.


    I forgot about the CP for 94.1 for Clifton Park that was supposed to be a translator for WABY AM 900.  If 900, 1240 and 94.1 were all ganged together, It would cover the core area of the capital district very well.


    95.9: is WCQl Glens Falls. Their signal carries to the Albany area. WOFX is daytime only in Glens Falls, and 95.9 won’t get them far.

    WGDJ: is doing better news than anyone now, but they have no Glens Falls signal on am or fm. I recall when they started, it was announced that they would launch at 10,000 watts. Still waiting. I have the equipment to bring in 1300 daytime only, but the fm here is Glens Falls’ main station WCKM on 98.5.

    93.3: is Vermont Classical, covering Saratoga. But a tower inside  the city of Saratoga would likely bump them away.

    94.1: would not have a north signal, because Poultney has a super-signal on that frequency that goes nearly to Schenectady.

    Under Reilly, Glens Falls had reception for the first time on 900 and 106.1.



    95.9 is also in Pittsfield, Ma. 93.3 is also part of NEPR in Canajoharie. They have tried to squeeze in too many translators too close to other stations on the same channel. I believe WGDJ is currently 10000/8000. Don’t know if Vandenburgh was ever interested in Glens Falls. It does not look good for AM with 4 in the capital district dark right now. The other being 1540 WDCD. WDCD owners stated they could not keep it on the air with 50000 watts. FCC  would not allow them lower power because they could not provide required coverage in its city of license; Albany. Albany currently has 1 commercial AM, WROW, 2 non-commercial, WAMC-AM and WOPG-AM, It has 5 commercial FM’s, WYJB, WKLI, WPYX, WGY-FM, and WGNA plus some non commercial FM’s. I wonder if the owners of WDCD could successfully petition the FCC to change the  city of license to Colonie seeing that Albany has plenty of licenses. Possibly change the pattern a little, reduce the power to perhaps 5000 watts? Anyone with any thoughts on this?


    WPTR was coming in daytime only in Glens Falls at 50000. So I’d like to have someone take it over without power reduction.   /                      I do see now that WGDJ is indeed at 10000. So now I wonder if Paul had promised 50000…which sounds wacky. The coverage map shows that Glens Falls is in their area both day & night. But in truth, they are daytime only, terrible signal, with interference. (They seem to be the one station that hasn’t backed away from news.)  /                                                                                                                                    Glens Falls has 3 commercial satellite AM’s (2 sports, 1 talk), and bunches of noisy FM’s that are truly hard to tell apart or remember. I’d say that WGY-AM, WROW, B95.5, WJJR (Rutland/Glens Falls), 94.1 Poultney, and public radio are therefore the juicy alternatives, speaking of which WEQX.


    1540 is a special case – Crawford mismanaged the station from the first day they owned it. Unable to sell it, unable to even broker time on it. Blame the owners, not the community. They never had their heart in this market, and it shows. May as well shuffle on back to Buffalo.

    Empire – geez, what can I say…. never saw *this* coming.  /sarcasm Perhaps with the exception of AM 900, none of these signals were put to proper use. 1160 was hitting a nice peak in listenership with the Stardust format some years back. Empires response? Blow it up. Granted, I thought it was nostalgic hearing some 80’s rock on AM again…. but the Mechanicville stick trying to be an Albany station? Nope, failure was imminent. Didnt work in the 90’s, aint workin’ now. Business News in Schenectady? I’m sure the good folks of Mt. Pleasant enjoyed the Bloomberg format while waiting for the monthly EBT card refill. Seriously, talk about misreading your potential audience. Sorry to see these sticks fall silent, but really, there’s nothing to miss about anything Empire was doing. Perhaps Cranesville might show some interest in 1240, but the rest will probably be history when the silent auth’s expire in a year.


    In his great coverage today, Scott mentions that WPTR has a CP for 97.1 Ballston Spa, tower near Troy .                                                             So that station continues to have no interest in coverage to the  north. 1240 (1230) is Glens Falls, 97.1 is Rutland, with a signal that likely drifts into Ballston Spa and Mechanicville. (kudos to Craig for noting closeness of translators)


    Scott notes today that 95.9 has been granted to WOFX. That frequency is also WCQL Glens Falls .

    Also granted were 93.3 Saratoga, and 93.1 Glens Falls.                                                                                                                                                 Already existing are 93.3 VPR Rupert, 92.9 WEZF Burlington signal, and 93.5 Lake George.

    I figure if I put my radio on 93.1, I can listen to all except Lake George. If I use 93.3, I will hear all except Burlington.



    LOL-  I listened to all these AM’s as a kid whenever I stayed at my Grandmother’s off of Crane Street.  They were all awesome in the 70’s.

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