Alex Jones in a new scandal this time its a child custody dispute

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    Bill Recto

    Bill Recto

    Damn if Alex Jones “Scandals” are only an act How the hell is the public supposed to know about that? Now that a child custody battle is at play. Note for those of you that have the radio edition of Infowars has there been threats to boycott the stations that air his show? I ask this because how come when Fox News is in a scandal its easier to call for advertisers to boycott Fox News. But when Alex Jones is in multiple scandals at the same time I don’t hear any boycott threats to him and Infowars. I noticed only Youtube and facebook are facing the backlash here over how they deal with Alex Jones and Infowars. Alex Jones is the reason why there was a threat of a Youtube Boycott a few weeks ago. I heard of Comet Ping Pong making threats to sue Alex Jones and his staff at one point but thats being delayed because of this new lawsuit.


    Bill Recto
    the Austin Statesman is doing a play by play of the Alex Jones child custody case.

    Damn Various news outlets are reporting that Alex Jones is trying to define what is real and fake in the courtroom and the circus behind it. Expect more drama to happen in this trial and see how GCN reacts to the fiasco.

    1:45 p.m. update: State District Judge Orlinda Naranjo, who is presiding over the child custody dispute between Alex Jones and ex-wife Kelly Jones, has banned all electronic devices from the courtroom. It wasn’t clear why the judge made that decision, which was announced after a lunch break.

    American-Statesman reporter Jonathan Tilove had been providing frequent updates to the proceedings via Twitter but will no longer be able to post while court is in session.

    Earlier: The Alex Jones trial is recessed for lunch, resuming at 1:30.

    Jones was originally supposed to testify Tuesday, and then today.

    He may yet testify today, but the third of three psychologists involved in the case has yet to testify. He is scheduled to go before Jones, and those interrogations have gone very slowly.

    Amid the testimony, the real story of the morning has been Alex Jones’ ability to rattle his ex-wife’s counsel with his smirks and head shakes. The lawyers twice protested to Judge Orlinda Naranjo. They offered the same protests Tuesday.

    The judge said she is not going to stop Jones from communicating with his counsel, but asked him to switch his seat so he is facing her and not his ex-wife’s lawyers.

    As anyone who watches Infowars knows, even without opening his mouth, Jones has a broad and hugely expressive face and he’s not afraid to use it.

    While Jones was playing mind games with his wife’s lawyers, they were busy attempting to demonstrate that the Austin psychologists working as the guardian ad litem — assigned by the court to look out for the interests of the children in a divorce proceeding — and the case manager for the divorce, wrangling the therapy team and keeping everyone straight and in sync, were in Alex Jones’ corner and were very well paid.

    The guardian ad litem — Allison Wilcox — said she had worked 1,000 hours on the case, and her rate was $150 an hour, but she didn’t bill for all of her hours.
    the Austin Statesman is doing a play by play of the Alex Jones child custody case.


    Bill Recto


    Update on the Alex Jones scandal.


    Bill Recto

    Apparently Alex Jones is in a “New Scandal” the Newtown School board has lobbied President Trump to denounce Alex Jones because Infowars is a Sandy Hook denier. Wow this is on top of the child custody scandal plus the Pizzagate scandal that sparked the recent Youtube boycott and Facebook to crack down on “Fake News”. Damn Alex Jones and Infowars has managed to be in more scandals at the same time than even the now removed talk show host Bill O’Reilly.  I’m shocked that GCN and the stations that air the radio edition of Infowars has not gotten boycott threats at this time because at some point these stations that air the radio edition of Infowars will have to succumb to pressure in similar ways that got Fox News to remove Bill O’Reilly from the staff.

    The Newtown Board of Education has written a letter to President Donald Trump asking him to speak out against conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, The Associated Press reported.

    Jones, the host of the radio program “Infowars,” has alleged multiple times that the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School that killed 20 children was a hoax.

    Trump praised Jones in December of 2015, telling him “Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down.”

    Trump appeared on Jones’s show in December.

    “We are asking you to intervene to try to stop Jones and other hoaxers like him,” the letter to Trump reads.

    The school board sent the letter in February asking Trump to denounce Jones and other conspiracy theorists because of the harmful effects their comments have had on the victims’ families, but have yet to receive a response.

    ABC News reported that since the 2012 massacre, relatives of victims have been harassed by conspiracy theorists and have even received death threats.

    The White House told the AP when asked about the letter that “President Trump has been quite clear that we, as a nation, are united in condemning hate and evil in all its forms.”


    Bill Recto

    Update Austin Statesman the local newspaper where the Alex Jones trial is at is doing the play-by-play calls here.


    Bill Recto

    Bill Recto

    Bill Recto


    Update on the Alex Jones scandal


    AUSTIN — Inside the Texas courtroom hearing the child custody dispute involving Alex Jones, testimony on Tuesday was twice suspended following questions surrounding the Infowarsfounder’s alleged prolific teenage sex life.

    Specifically, the question was whether the Jones family therapist knew that the popular broadcaster and conspiracy theorist claimed that he’d slept with roughly 150 women by the age of 16. The claim was made by Jones on his Infowars broadcast on Sunday, during the weekend recess of his 10-day custody trial.

    The sex life allegations were brought up once again on the stand by Jones’ ex-wife, Kelly Jones, during testimony as to whether Alex Jones was a suitable role model for his children.
    Each time the allegation was brought up, Jones’ attorney’s objected and the jury was dismissed for a break.

    With the jury out of the room, the discussion surrounded a contentious issue that’s dominated the proceedings: should Jones’ professional life be allowed as evidence?

    Judge Orlinda Naranjo has repeatedly told the attorneys on both sides that Jones’ political beliefs would not be on trial these two weeks. “I don’t want this case tried in the press. It should be tried in here,” the judge told the attorneys.

    But untangling Jones’ political beliefs and professional career from his personal life has been difficult. Amid the arguments between both sides, one of Alex Jones’ lawyers told the court, “I know we were told that we’re not going to allow this court to try Infowars.”
    “I don’t want this case tried in the press. It should be tried in here.”

    However, Alex Jones’ numerous daily videos — some of which are believed to be shot from his lawyers’ office near the courthouse before and after the court is in session — have created problems for all parties in the trial.

    Though Jones has stopped referring to the trial specifically in his dispatches, he has addressed the media circus surrounding his case, accusing the reporters in the room of “assassinating his character.”

    In other videos from the last week, Jones has dredged up information about the Sandy Hook children’s massacre and also made the claim about his teenage sex life.

    “This isn’t a political matter,” Kelly Jones’ attorney, Robert Newman, told the court after the jury was dismissed, referring to Jones’ claim he’d slept with 150 women. “The jury needs to know who this man is — the whole case he’s flown under the radar. He’s also making a mockery of this court’s gag order.”

    In response, Alex Jones’ attorneys asked for a mistrial, suggesting that Kelly Jones’ council has defied orders to leave Jones’ professional life out of the discussion. “I’m considering it,” Naranjo told the attorneys.

    Naranjo later denied a mistrial petition.
    While the gallery has not been privy to all the discussions between Judge Naranjo and both sides’ attorneys, Tuesday’s proceedings shed light on another subject which has been made off limits by the court: Alex Jones’ views on vaccinations.

    Still, Kelly Jones’ attorneys appear to be building a case that suggests Jones uses his professional talents to his advantage.

    Yesterday, during a cross examination of a psychologist in the case, Newman called Jones a “master manipulator,” suggesting Jones might be capable of alienating his children from Kelly Jones. Similarly, Mrs. Jones’ attorneys have repeatedly made the case that Alex Jones’ on-air persona extends to his family life.

    During her testimony on Tuesday morning, Kelly Jones emphasized this point and accused Alex Jones of being a “violent, cruel, and abusive man who engages in hate speech at home and in public.” She accused him of racist and homophobic comments, as well as frequent comments demeaning to women. “He’s enraged and out of control all the time,” she said, calling Infowars (which Mrs. Jones was involved with many years ago) “a portal of hate.”

    Jones’ attorneys, however, allege that Jones is a devoted family man and that the more outlandish behavior is “political satire” or “performance art.” Jones himself claimed that 95% of Infowars is hard news and that his demeanor on the show and at home is “95% kind and gentle.” Jones argues that the media cherry picks the worst elements as part of its campaign to assassinate his character.

    But with just three days to go — including more testimony from Kelly Jones — an essential question remains: can you separate Alex Jones’ politics from his professional life?


    Bill Recto

    Bill Recto
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