AUDIO: Bruce Conklin on WKOT in Kingston, NY – 12/2/73

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    For those of you have or haven’t heard of WKOT, it was a little known top 40 radio station as it was heard on 1550 AN in Kingston, NY from the early 1970’s. Prior to that, it was WBAZ when it was also a top 40 radio station at 1550 AM as well. And that goes back to probably the late 1950’s and the 1960’s.

    And speaking of WBAZ and WKOT, I was at a New Paltz Recycling Center and I was browsing around. And when I go through them, I found a reel-to-reel tape that says “Words 11/11/73”. When I got home, I played the tape, and this is what I found, an aircheck of WKOT in Kingston, NY from 12/2/73 where Bruce Conklin did mornings. This has got to be the holy grail of Hudson Valley radio history, and this is the only surviving aircheck of a now defunct AM station. WKOT has been a top 40 station until it pulled the plug in 1974 where they put 1550 AM off the air due to chapter 11 bankruptcy. I don’t know anything about the history of WBAZ and WKOT when it was on 1550 AM. The aircheck will include the music, the commercials and the jingles which will include here.

    I would like to say that for those of you have not heard of WKOT before, I recorded it, and I posted here. This aircheck runs about close to a half hour, and I hope you all enjoy this interesting piece of Hudson Valley radio history. This is Bruce Conlin as heard on the now defunct WKOT in Kingston, NY from 12/2/73.


    Finally, one of your air checks that I found interesting enough to listen to. I grew up in Poughkeepsie in the 1960’s , and never heard of WBAZ/WKOT back then. Their signal was weak and did not reach down here. The only possible reference was in the mid-60’s was when WHVW’s popular “Large Sarge”elected to leave WHVW to go to a Kingston station we don’t get.I don’t know what the call letters were.But WGHQ played “beautiful music” , I am not sure about WKNY.
    I often wondered since first heard of 1550 Kingston I wondered what the station was like, and now I have a brief glimpse into that.They seem to play many not quite hits- songs I don’t recognize – similar to what WHVW did.WHVW was top 40 but they played many songs new to the airwaves, that were not heard on WABC NYC.
    Also interesting WKOT had news break at quarter past the hour like WHVW , which did news at 15/45 past the hour.
    Thank you for posting this aircheck you were lucky enough to save from a recycling center.

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