August 16th, 1977: "Elvis Presley Is Dead At 42"

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    Today (August 16th, 2017) marks the 40th anniversary of the death of Rock ‘n Roll pioneer Elvis Presley. He was just 42 when he passed away.

    Below are some soundbites of radio news bulletins and coverage of his death:

    WEPG, South Pittsburgh, TN, anchored by Dave Daffron (this clip appears to join that news bulletin in-progress; maybe the first part of it wasn’t recorded): .

    WCCO-830, Minneapolis/St. Paul, including that station’s fist bulletin as read by afternoon personality Steve Cannon, followed by additional news reports and tributes: .

    Newscast and additional tribute excerpts from from Radio Luxembourg’s English-language service (which was on AM radio with a powerful signal that by day reached Southern England and by night all of Britain): .

    WCBS-101.1 New York news bulletin and a tribute to Elvis: .

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