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    Steve Green

    Is there such a thing as a battery for a radio that size?

    Our house here is on a corner.    So there are power lines both along both the front and along the lengthy side.   The daytime noise is both ridiculous and interminable on any radio here using wall current.

    I got the re-fitted 180 — through the courtesy of a poster to this forum — just as much for daytime DX as for nighttime DX.   All the other radios in the house work are very well-behaved on DC.    Far less 2017 noise affects them.

    Was there ever a battery designed for use vis-a-vis these big rigs,   like the SP-600’s?    Those beasts used to stay in outdoor shacks year ’round.

    Any recommendations?   Tia.




    Probably not, but you might try a line isolation transformer– that will often reduce line-conducted noise quite significantly. Ground the case to a good earth ground. They generally aren’t too expensive. Check the power rating before buying.



    It would require 250 – 300 volts DC for main (B+) power, and several amps at 6 volts for the tube filaments – not practical.  A line filter like this will probably help:

    As Audioguy said – connect it to a good ground,  such as a cold water pipe if the plumbing is metallic, or a ground rod.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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