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    As we’re getting near the end of the year, I just want to get a feel of the room, so I’d like to know your opinions on the best in local Cleveland radio (of what’s here now…no blasts from the past please).

    I’ll divide things up in separate categories:

    General talk:

    Wills & Snyder – WTAM

    Mike Trivisonno – WTAM

    Bob Frantz – WHK

    Nolan, Malone. Kullik, and Tracy – WMJI

    Mancave talk:

    Really Big Show – WKNR

    Carman and Lima – WKRK

    Rover’s Morning Glory – WMMS

    Alan Cox – WMMS

    Sports talk:

    Golden and Cherry – WKNR

    Baskin and Phelps – WKRK

    Bull & Fox – WKRK

    Mike “Chico” Bormann – WKRK

    Sports announcing teams:

    Hamilton and Rosenhaus – Indians

    Donovan and Dieken – Browns

    Alcorn and Chones – Cavs

    Keels and Lachey – Buckeyes

    FM morning hosts:

    Len Howser and Sara Carnes – WFHM

    Slats – WNCX

    Leeann and Wazz – WGAR

    Tim Richards and Jen Toohey – WDOK

    The Jeremiah Show – WQAL

    Jacqueline Gerber – WCLV

    Dan Deely and Grace Roberts – WNWV


    If this is the best, I would hate to see the worst.  Aside from Jackie Gerber (who actually sounds like she has an education) and one or two others, most everyone on this list either play to the bottom feeders, or do the same boring crap month after month.


    I’ll have to extend this to “The Best of Northeastern Ohio radio” as my two main choices are CRAIG ADAMS and BRUCE VAN DYKE who do the Morning Show on AM930, WEOL and the new 100.3FM, & JASON SOKOL, who does the aptly named “The Jason Sokol Show” Monday through Friday on 1590 WAKR.  WAKR also has an FM translator, but I can’t pick it up.

    I also enjoy listening to the energetic MATT FONTANA on AM850, WKNR.  An unheralded great addition to the WKNR team.

    I also join VJM in pointing out Bob Frantz on “The Answer”, WHK AM 1420.  He also does a Cleveland proud when filling in for the national talk show hosts on the Salem Radio Network.

    Wills and Snyder on WTAM have good energy.

    It’s too bad this thread is only for local area radio, so I can’t mention Dennis Prager.  So I won’t.  Oops, I just did.  Sorry (lol).

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