Bob Shannon has died

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    On November 8, 1980, while Bob Shannon was working his 3-to-7 pm shift at KHJ, the format changed from top-40 to country. The jingles proclaimed, “We all grew up to be cowboys.” Well…we didn’t really. Anyway, Shannon stayed at KHJ for two more years, then went to KLAC. He also jocked at KUTY, KWIZ, KFI and KRTH and at stations in Yuma, Phoenix, Buffalo, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Seattle and St. Louis. (Whew!)

    Shannon, born Robert Adams in St. Catherines, Ontario, died of a massive heart attack on January 26, 2015. He was 67. I updated his Wikipedia page:


    That’s not the Bob Shannon we all know and loved in NYC radio where he did afternoon drive on WCBS-FM back in the 80’s when he was originally Don Bombard. I’m talking about the other Bob Shannon.


    Yes indeedy, there were at least two Bob Shannons in radio…and likely several more. There have also been several Bob Morgans and Bob Daytons. The WCBS-FM Bob Shannon is 66. He had worked at several stations, using his real name: Don Bombard. When he joined ‘CBS-FM in 1982, program director Joe McCoy had him use the name of Bobby Shannon to avoid confusion with Don K. Reed. I don’t think any listeners would have confused the two—“Bombard” and “K. Reed” don’t sound similar. Anyway, Bombard eventually became “Bob Shannon”…and Scott Shannon eventually came to ‘CBS-FM. But wait—it gets better: Bob Shannon has a son named Scott! And this Bob Shannon is obviously not the Bob Shannon who just died.


    This Bob Shannon who passed away January 26, 2015 was also known as “R J Adams” — he had an acting school in Orange County, California after his radio career.  I worked with Bob Shannon at KWIZ-AM, Santa Ana in the late 1970’s, and he came to our KWIZ reunions in recent years.  So sad to see him leave much too soon — he was a great guy and one of the funniest and most creative radio personalities I’ve known.

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