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    What would be the possible broadcast advantages to ONLY having the Bucs on WXTB/98 Rock in Tampa Bay?  Is I-Heart trying to see how low ratings could go for WDAE/620 if they are running ESPN Satellite programming while the game is going on?  Do they have an obligation to carry ESPN network advertising?  Due to 620’s monster signal, are they trying to protect outlying Buc radio affiliates?  They have also got WFLA/970 and WHNZ/1250 largely running much of nothing on Sunday afternoons.  But really, what is the theory behind taking the Bucs off of their sports radio station?


    Perhaps WDAE should play active rock while WXTB is running the Bucs games :  )

    From a listeners stand point I would agree it’s foolish to carry play by play sports on a non sports station while their (sister) sports station is on the bird. I would also be upset that a music station I would want to listen to interrupts the music for a game when there’s other (non music) stations in the cluster that can carry it. But I do understand however music stations carrying the games as an overflow when other stations may be contractually obligated to carry another game or show, but this is not the case in Tampa.

    From a business stand point cheap channel is banking on WXTB’s large FM signal over WDAE’s large AM signal even though 620’s also on an FM translator. Whether or not that works remains to be seen. I wish I could see the actual ratings breakdown of the stations during game time to see the numbers and compare them to previous years.

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