Buzzr picks up Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour

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    I’m even more surprised about this than I was about the recent addition of Classic Concentration:  Buzzr has announced that it has acquired the rerun rights to the unsuccessful pairing (which ran on NBC in ’83-84, at the tail-end of its daytime schedule).  The show hasn’t been seen at all since that original run–in large part, because of the ownership issues involved with putting together the show in the first place.  (The show itself was from Mark Goodson productions, but the Hollywood Squares format needed to be licensed from then-owner Orion.)

    Buzzr will be airing a four-episode marathon later this month (on Sunday, the 17th)–and plans to add the show to its regular schedule later on, after more masters are cleaned up and digitized for broadcast.



    They air waaaaaay too many Match Game shows. Less is often MORE!

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    MGHS officially joins the network’s weeknight lineup this month…

    Even better (for me, at least), it’s also adding a show that was rerun on cable for some time, but never on GSN or Buzzr: the ’80s revival of Split Second…


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